These New Cuts are Worthy of Your Bacon Obsession

Is there any sweeter word than bacon?! At D’Artagnan, we take bacon very seriously. All our bacon offerings are made with heritage-breed pork belly that’s been single-smoked over real wood chips. Made the old-fashioned way – without artificial nitrates, nitrites or preservatives added – you’ll fall for this full-flavored bacon in a big way. Read on for two new varieties.

If You Like Bacon, You’ll Love this Thick-Cut Bacon

Have you ever looked at bacon and thought “this could be thicker”? We know the feeling. Our new, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon is made with heritage breed pork and comes in a generous pack of 2.5 lbs. Now that’s how you do bacon. Read on for details about this epic bacon.

5 Easy Bacon-Wrapped Apps that will Make Your Party a Success

As the old saying goes, “Where there is bacon, there is happiness.” Bring that happiness to your party with our 5 simple recipes. You just can’t make enough of these bacon-wrapped appetizers. They’ll be the first to go … because bacon. Read on for the recipes. Shop bacon at, because our bacon is produced with…

5 Sweet Ways to Bake with Bacon this Fall

With autumn comes an almost primal need to bake. Give in to the urge, crank up the oven, and fill the house with the sweet smells of baked treats … with bacon. The recipes below show that bacon belongs in your baking plans. From maple doughnuts and sticky buns to hearty oatmeal cookies, there’s something for…

Easy Everyday Cooking: Go Around the World with 5 Charcuterie Recipes

Are you cooking with charcuterie? Most likely you use smoked, cured and cooked meats in recipes without much thought. Consider a simple ham-and-cheese sandwich, pizza with sausage, bacon and eggs, melon wrapped in prosciutto – all examples of charcuterie in our daily lives. Charcuterie is a favorite around the world, and below we share 5…

The Top 10 Recipes of 2017

This is the season for looking back and remembering all the wonderful meals, the challenges met in the kitchen, the culinary triumphs and the posts we’ve shared on social media. So we’ve tallied the figures and these are the top 10 D’Artagnan recipes shared online in 2017. Drumroll, please …. 1. Cider-Braised Brussels Sprouts with…

Cook Your Best With These Holiday Helpers

What every cook wants is a little help in the kitchen this time of year. The best we can offer are these holiday workhorses which will make every recipe better. This collection consists of pantry staples like truffle butter, fresh and dried mushrooms, demi-glace, duck fat, fully-cooked chestnuts, French olive oil, and more. Here are…

How to Build a Better BLT

There are some things so classic they are almost sacred. Look at the BLT, for example. For a sandwich so simple, choosing the perfect ingredients makes all the difference. Read on for our tips to making an epic BLT sandwich.

6 Recipes: Labor Day with a Side of Bacon

We’ve come to the conclusion that bacon is the secret ingredient to happiness. So as you send off summer this Labor Day, be sure to add a little bacon to the menu. Whatever you are serving – burgers and dogs, BBQ ribs, whole roasted pig – there’s room for bacon on the table. Read on for winning bacon recipes.

What to Eat After the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse mania has passed, like the moon passing the sun. Life can return to normal. What are we left with? Eclipse glasses and hunger. It’s always a good time to eat. Nothing will compare to the sight of the sun obscured by the moon, but seeing these recipes on your plate might be a consolation…