If You Like Bacon, You’ll Love this Thick-Cut Bacon

Have you ever looked at bacon and thought “this could be thicker”? We know the feeling. Our new, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon is made with heritage breed pork and comes in a generous pack of 2.5 lbs. Now that’s how you do bacon. Read on for details about this epic bacon.

The Thicker the Bacon the Closer to Heaven

What is bacon? It’s the belly of a pig that has been smoked. Originally a clever way to preserve one of the tastiest parts of the pig, bacon has become a vital ingredient used in a wide variety of recipes, from the sweet to the savory.

slab bacon resize
Slab bacon is whole smoked belly before it’s shingled.

Where would we be without the BLT? Or the bacon cheeseburger? Bacon imparts a wonderful smoky flavor that is unmistakeable – and crucial to many dishes.

BLT for blog
Did you order a BLT?

Thick. Cut. Bacon.

Introducing our new thick-cut bacon in 2.5 lb packs. How thick? We admit that we measured it. The slices are 6mm thick, and there are approximately 22 slices per pack – so those are the numbers. But there is no way to measure how many ways you can enjoy it.

BACABF103-1-V1 Thick Cut Bacon
The unbelievable thickness of bacon.

Our extra-thick applewood smoked bacon is a chef favorite that makes for better BLTs and burgers, sturdy lardons for topping salads and soups, and the ideal companion for eggs at breakfast. Use it as a crunchy soup topper, perhaps in our chicken corn chowder recipe (use frozen kernels off-season), in our Panzanella salad recipe, or in a classic super-easy carbonara.

Have you tried bacon jam? We highly recommend this easy recipe.

Try baking it on a sheet pan in the oven for quick meals. With our family pack, there’s enough to go around the table … twice. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, bacon is always right.

Of course, mac and cheese is better with bacon!

A family of four could go through our bulk pack of thick-cut bacon in a week or less – but even a single bacon lover could use a strategic bacon supply like this.

Shop dartagnan.com for all your meaty needs – or go straight to the bacon.

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