Build a Better BLT

There are some things so classic they are almost sacred. Look at the BLT, for example. How can this icon of American cuisine get any better? Not with whole wheat bread, or low-fat mayonnaise; and arugula or micro greens won’t work on a BLT.

Choose the best ingredients for this classic sandwich, and achieve BLT perfection. With a recipe so simple – just 5 ingredients – it’s the only way to improve on it.

This sandwich can’t hide behind dressings, melted cheese, or a grill press. It stands on the strength of its components, which come together beautifully.

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The bread should be slightly toasted, not too crispy. And it must be white bread – Pullman style is best. Light, airy bread serves a purpose; here is it ideal for BLTs.

A Note on the Tomato

Tomatoes are at their peak toward the end of summer; go find the ripest, juiciest heirloom tomatoes you can. In some ways the BLT is a tomato sandwich with the umami-rich accent of smoky bacon. Pick the best tomatoes you can, and forget those sad BLTs with mealy, pink tomato slices. It’s BLT season, so go for the gusto.

The Importance of Bacon

Whether you choose applewood or hickory smoked bacon, the thing to do is cook your bacon until super crispy. Keeping it flat is also a pro move. If cooking in a pan, weigh it down with a bacon press. We chose to weave the bacon so that it holds together under the pressure of a bite. Nobody wants to lose any bacon from between the bread, and eating the sandwich as it falls apart is not fun.

Tips from the Best

To see how the pros make a BLT, read our post about ‘Wichcraft in NYC. There’s a fun little video in the post with Tom Colicchio talking about using D’Artagnan bacon.


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  1. Carla Hamilton says:

    I love this article on the blt. Thank you. I love the idea of bacon fat mayo. The white Pullman bread, the room temperature heirloom tomatoes and the butter lettuce. And especially the bacon weave that fits perfectly on the bread.

  2. mawarre says:

    Delicious looking! Not sure about the commitment to white bread..I like sliced sourdough..but the heirloom tomatoes and smoked bacon are absolutely mandatory. margaret

  3. erinwrote says:

    Looks amazing, but you must admit you doctored the classic a bit with that bacon fat mayo! Divine!

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