These New Cuts are Worthy of Your Bacon Obsession

Is there any sweeter word than bacon?! At D’Artagnan, we take bacon very seriously. All our bacon offerings are made with heritage-breed pork belly that’s been single-smoked over real wood chips. Made the old-fashioned way – without artificial nitrates, nitrites or preservatives added – you’ll fall for this full-flavored bacon in a big way. Read on for two new varieties.

Mini Slab Bacon

If you like bacon, what could be better than a slab of the delicious stuff? We’ve recently added a new 2 lb cut of slab bacon that’s convenient for home cooks (more so than the nearly 10 lb slab the chefs like!).

This bespoke bacon can be sliced to any thickness you desire, chunked for lardons, cubed for soup, carbonara and any number of recipes that would be better with smoky bacon (pretty much everything).

BACABF030-1 bacon slab
Say hello to our mini slab bacon!

Are you still looking for ideas? Cooking with slab bacon is easy – just check our blog post for inspiration. You may divide the slab into smaller pieces and store in the freezer for future use so that you are never caught without bacon.

Lardons in Pan Flickr Michael Malecki
Lardons photo by Michael Malecki, Flickr.

Bacon Ends and Pieces

A happy side effect of trimming whole slabs of smoked pork belly, these are the little odds and ends that are leftover.  As you might imagine, we’re not willing to waste a morsel of our tasty heritage bacon, so we’ve created a 1 lb pack of varied chunks and bits. They offer the same rich umami flavor as the slices and slabs of bacon and can be a better choice depending on what you’re cooking.

BACABF031-1-V1 bacon bits 2


The thick chunks are the perfect ingredient when you want to add smoky bacon flavor to braises, stews, baked beans, soups, and salads. Chop them up and mix with ground meat for bacon-enriched burgers. You’ll find bacon bits make everything better. Here are three fun recipes you can make with both the slab and the bits of bacon.

Easy Pasta Carbonara

With our simple pasta carbonara recipe, you’re just 25 minutes away from a creamy, rich meal. While traditional recipes call for guanciale or pancetta, we like our slab bacon and a little garlic for depth of flavor.

AdobeStock_Pasta Carbonara Crop

Baked Beans with Bacon & Molasses

Here’s a tasty recipe for baked beans and bacon to serve at your next barbecue. Making this sweet-and-smoky summer cookout staple yourself is well worth the time. The bacon weave is optional (but recommended).


Bacon Mac and Cheese

This quick and easy stovetop mac & cheese recipe comes together in 20 minutes. Bacon dresses up the comfort food classic and will satisfy adults and kids alike.


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