Your Weekend Cooking Plan: 7 Recipes for the Week

Are you too busy to make dinner at home on weeknights? If a full schedule has you calling for take-out a little too often, consider cooking on weekends and planning for leftovers. With these 7 simple recipes you can enjoy a great meal on day one, and then several lunches or dinners in the days that follow. With chicken, beef, pork, and lamb, there’s something here for every taste – even a grain salad with pancetta.

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Plan ahead with these 7 tasty recipes that will serve you well, again and again.

1. Basque-Style Chicken with Chorizo

This comforting Basque-style chicken takes about an hour to make. The quick braise with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chorizo sausage will make 4-6 servings. This saucy dish is like sunshine in a bowl! Serve with plenty of crusty bread to sop up the spicy broth. Pack leftovers for a quick weeknight dinner reheat.

Poulet Basque Angle

2. Mushroom Grain Salad with Pancetta

This hearty grain salad combines barley with sautéed mushrooms, leeks, and shallots. Crisped pancetta adds a salty kick while its rendered fat mixes with lemon juice for a simple dressing. It’s delicious as a side, but this salad can serve as a lunchtime main when topped with over-easy or soft-boiled eggs. Expect 4-6 servings from this recipe. mushroom-barley-pancetta-salad-recipe-HI RES

3. Boneless Wagyu Korean Short Ribs

Our Wagyu beef short ribs aren’t just for braising. The highly-marbled meat makes excellent Korean-style BBQ when sliced thin against the grain, marinated overnight, then grilled hot & fast. Easy to reheat for a second dinner, these ribs are excellent when served simply: with rice, kimchi, or quickly-sautéed vegetables like peas, peppers, and scallions. Expect 4-6 servings from this recipe. korean-wagyu-kalbi-boneless-short-ribs-recipe

4. Texas-Style Beef Short Rib Chili

Chili is a neat solution for weekly planning (ours serves 6). This irresistible chili has no beans but instead relies on boneless beef short ribs cooked slowly in a rich combo of pureed chiles, dark beer, beef stock, bacon, and spices. A little dark chocolate at the end adds depth of flavor – don’t skip it. Hello, leftovers.


5. Chinese-Style Pork Roast

This super-easy recipe for Asian-style slow-cooked pork shoulder yields fork-tender meat and authentic char siu flavor. Don’t skimp on basting, it helps to create a deeply caramelized, sweet crust. The large pork shoulder will serve 6-8 portions and can be enjoyed with steamed rice, or as a base for ssäm, steamed buns, ramen, or salads. easy-chinese-char-siu-roast-berkshire-pork-recipe

6. Red Wine Braised Brisket

Our Angus beef brisket is slow-cooked in an entire bottle of red wine and other aromatics in this deeply satisfying recipe. Hearty and rustic, it’s the perfect dish for weekend cooking, and will easily serve up another dinner or two (there are 6-8 servings here). Wednesday night options never looked so good.


7. Tomatillo Lamb Stew

This hearty lamb stew, inspired by a traditional navarin, will last for several meals … if you can stop eating it the first time it’s served. Tomatillos and fresh cilantro add a zestiness to this Cat Cora recipe for six. Make everyone at the office jealous when you reheat this stew for lunch.
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