How to Make Compound Butter in Minutes with 5 Sure-Fire Recipes

Compound butter takes only minutes to prepare and makes everything it touches better. You can whip up this classic French accompaniment by combining butter with almost anything: fresh herbs, ramps, citrus zest, spices, mushrooms, chilies, miso, or roasted garlic. We even made foie gras butter (so worth it!).

Use this simple technique to add flavor and a fancy garnish to your pork chops, steaks, and burgers, pasta, and more. Our ready-made truffle butter is an example of a how versatile a compound butter can be; we use it on almost everything.

All you need are a few simple ingredients and basic kitchen tools, and you’ll be rolling logs of buttery goodness in no time. See how easy it is to make compound butter below.

Try one of our 5 easy recipes and bring the magic of compound butter into your life.

Berkshire pork is naturally juicy and flavorful. Fresh citrus butter adds a just enough of a lift to our grilled porterhouse chops without overpowering them.
Compound butter is one of our favorite ways to preserve the fresh flavor of spring ramps all year long. Use it to flavor pasta, as a spread on biscuits, or to finish a steak. Although it will keep for a year in the freezer, we doubt it will last that long…


3. Pan-Seared Veal Chops with Citrus-Herb Butter

These juicy veal chops cook quickly, and if you make the citrus-herb butter ahead of time, the dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner, although it feels much more special.


4. Whole Roasted Maitake with Miso Butter

This simple method of whole roasting hen-of-the-woods mushrooms yields both crispy petals and tender hearts. The compound miso butter adds richness and gives the deliciously earthy mushrooms an umami boost. Great as a side dish or a meatless main course when served over soft polenta.
whole roasted maitake

5. Spicy Grilled Buffalo Ribeye Steak with Chipotle Butter & Corn Salsa

These buffalo steaks are a heat-seekers dream with a spicy dry rub, a jalapeno flecked corn salsa, and smoky chipotle butter.


Good to know: Store tightly-wrapped compound butter in the freezer, where it will keep nicely until you need a slice. It also makes a lovely homemade gift.

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