5 Warming & Cozy Soup Recipes for Fall

We’ve been waiting for the autumn temperatures to drop and give us the sure sign that it’s soup season again. Are you ready to make soup? Find a new favorite soup this fall with our easy recipes.

The key to truly great soup is using homemade stock, if possible, and the best ingredients you can find. Of course, nothing from a box or can holds a candle to homemade soup.

“Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.” — Auguste Escoffier

Not just a way to use up vegetables on the verge, soup is an opportunity to build layers of flavor, find winning combinations, and enjoy a one-pot meal.

The 5 recipes below offer our take on Portuguese caldo verde, a hearty, French-style duck and bean soup, and a creamy, dreamy mushroom soup not to be missed. If you try any, let us know how you like them.

French Lentil Soup with Chicken Confit & Bacon

Cook a big batch of this smoky lentil soup on a chilly weekend – your belly will be warm and your house will smell amazing. Packed with our ready-to-use chicken confit and a hint of applewood smoked bacon, this recipe is satisfying and super easy to make. Leftovers make the perfect lunch or weeknight supper.


White Bean & Duck Sausage Soup with Gruyere Toasts

With flavorful duck & Armagnac sausage, creamy Tarbais beans, hearty greens, and loads of garlic, this rustic soup will warm your belly with the flavors of Southwest France. Cheese crusted toast adds flavor and texture.


Caldo Verde Soup with Chorizo

Caldo verde, Portugal’s green soup, is healthy, hearty, and super easy to make. Pureeing the potatoes lends creaminess without dairy, adding the greens just before serving keeps the flavor fresh, and our chorizo sausage adds smoky richness.


Creamy Mushroom Soup

Ditch the can, ban the box – creamy mushroom soup is easy to make at home with healthier, tastier results. In this simple recipe, we used our organic chef’s mix mushrooms, but any combination of our cultivated organic or seasonal wild mushrooms will work too.


Squash Bisque with Smoked Duck

This autumnal soup is an aromatic mix of carrots, celery, butternut squash and sweet potato. Tasty on its own, but when crowned with smoked duck breast and pumpkin seed oil, it’s totally sublime. You might even serve this one at Thanksgiving dinner.

Harvest Bisque with Smoked Duck and Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil - TA 11-10-10_13.jpg

“Soup is cuisine’s kindest course.  It breathes reassurance; it steams consolation; after a weary day it promotes sociability, as the five o’clock cup of tea or the cocktail hour.” — Louis P. De Gouy

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