Everything You Need to Know About Making Garbure – With a Video

Garbure is a hearty rustic soup beloved throughout Gascony, that combines slow-cooked vegetables of all kinds and savory preserved meats like duck confit, ham, and salt-cured ventrèche. This is French country cooking at its best: deeply nourishing and satisfying. Watch Ariane make garbure with her daughter Alix and learn more about this tasty tradition.

How to Make Traditional Portuguese Caldo Verde Soup

Caldo verde is a traditional Portuguese soup made with a few simple ingredients. This is old-country cooking at its best, with potatoes to provide creaminess, kale for color and texture, and chorizo sausage to add smoky richness. Our caldo verde soup recipe with chorizo is healthy, hearty, and super easy to make. It’s a perfect first course or…

5 Warming & Cozy Soup Recipes for Fall

We’ve been waiting for the autumn temperatures to drop and give us the sure sign that it’s soup season again. Are you ready to make soup? Find a new favorite soup this fall with our easy recipes.

Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

Ditch the can, ban the box – creamy mushroom soup is easy to make at home with healthier, tastier results. In this simple recipe we used our Organic Chef’s Mix Mushrooms, but any combination of our cultivated organic or seasonal wild mushrooms will work too. The addition of our favorite ingredient – black truffle butter…