7 Ways You’ll Want to Cook Pork this Season

While we like pork any time of the year, these 7 recipes are especially perfect for fall. Try our maple-glazed pork roast for a family meal, double-cut stuffed pork chops with cider sauce, or Instant Pot ribs with fennel. Apples, cider, sweet potatoes, fennel and walnuts all lend seasonal flavor.  Read on for the pork recipes and get inspired to cook pork now!

6 Soup Recipes You’ll Want to Make Immediately

It’s soup season again! Making soup is an opportunity to build layers of flavor, find winning combinations, and enjoy a one-pot meal. The key to a truly great soup is using homemade stock, if possible, and the best ingredients you can find. Nothing from a box or can holds a candle to homemade soup. Read on for…

5 Warming & Cozy Soup Recipes for Fall

We’ve been waiting for the autumn temperatures to drop and give us the sure sign that it’s soup season again. Are you ready to make soup? Find a new favorite soup this fall with our easy recipes.

Recipes for Fall: 6 Delicious Ways to Eat Apples for Dinner

Apple season is on! If you go apple picking, you might end up with a bushel of fruit to enjoy. What will you do with your bounty of apples? Apple pie, apple tart and apple crisp might use up a few pounds, but have you considered the appeal of apples in savory dishes? They are…

7 Duck Breast Recipes Perfect for Fall

We’re obsessed with duck at D’Artagnan.  And the breast is one of the most flavorful cuts of the duck. Rich, meaty, and lean (once the fat cap is removed, it’s as lean as turkey or chicken), it’s also as easy to cook as a steak, and just as quick. Versatile and adaptable to many cuisines…