What’s Cooking on Instagram?

We’re always looking at food. If you like to see beautiful plates that inspire you to either cook or head for your favorite restaurant, Instagram is the place to be. Below are some highlights from chef posts to Instagram – using our products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view into the many kitchens – professional and home – that serve D’Artagnan. Fair warning: these pictures will make you hungry.

Since October is National Pork Month, we wanted to share some of the best pork pics from Instagram … using D’Artagnan pork, of course.

Bayou Foodie

Nice work on the porcelet rack! Love this photo from blogger Bayou Foodie. Click above to see her porcelet recipe, and recreate this at home.

Instagram Porcelet Bayou Foodie

Panorama Wine Bar

Chef Matt Gentile in Philadelphia posted this perfect pork pic of Berkshire loin with sweet potato crostata. We are getting hungry just looking at it.

Instagram Pork Loin Chef Matt Gentile


At a(MUSE) in Rehobeth Beach, DE, Sous Chef Andrew Guffey is plating beautifully, and posting pics – this time of porcelet with bok choy and black eyed peas. Yum!

Instagram Porcelet Chef Andrew Guffey

Ariane Kitchen & Bar

Ariane Duarte snapped this Berkshire pork belly photo before plating in the kitchen of her eponymous Verona, NJ, restaurant.

Instagram Pork Belly Roll Ariane Duarte

Gatsby’s Landing

Inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby, restaurateurs Glenn and Danai Falcone serve up dishes like this one, with a tempting Berkshire pork chop, at their Long Island restaurant.

Instagram Pork Chop Gatsbys Landing

Are you a fan of pork? Share your photos with us on Instagram, too! Maybe we will feature your creation next time. Tag @dartagnanfoods or use the hashtag #dartagnandish to catch our eye.

Featured photo from the talented Brittany at Bayou Foodie.

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