Flat-Out Easy Summer Meals

Grilling may be the number one cooking method in summer, but there are times when you want something different. We like the ease of a crumbly or flaky crust piled with mushrooms, vegetables, and slivers of charcuterie such as bacon or jambon de Bayonne.

Convenient to serve and easy to eat, flatbread is a fun way to use up leftovers (grilled steak, roasted duck, smoked chicken, BBQ ribs), and have a casual meal. Make your own dough, or buy pre-made naan, pita, or the flatbread you like best. Add a hearty salad, a bottle of wine, or a six-pack of craft beer, and set the backyard table for a simple supper.

Top This

There are no limits when it comes to toppings. Follow the flavor combinations you like best, and improvise.

  • Try ground lamb sautéed with harissa or za’atar, on flatbread with hummus, frizzled onions and feta cheese.
  • Chanterelle mushrooms are in season now, and they go nicely with bacon, shallots, and chèvre. Use herbs from the garden like basil or thyme for a flourish. Substitute your favorite mushrooms if chanterelles are not available.
  • All our game sausages would make perfect toppings; just sear or grill, then slice into rounds and spread generously. And spicy chorizo or andouille, both fully cooked, would make zippy toppings.
  • Quail eggs baked right on top are a great way to add flavor and texture – and are nice if you are serving flatbread for brunch.

Flaky or doughy, here are three winning recipes built on a crust.

Kale & Pancetta Galette with Truffle Butter Crust

A variation on flatbread, this rustic, free-form galette is packed with garlicky sautéed kale, shallots, and crispy pancetta. Black truffle butter and almond flour make a flaky, tender crust and add another dimension of flavor. If kale isn’t your thing, you can substitute other leafy greens, such as rainbow chard, collards, or beet tops.


Fig & Prosciutto Tart

With a flaky pastry crust (store bought), this tart is as easy to make as it is beautiful and delicious. Salty French prosciutto pairs perfectly with creamy mascarpone and sweet figs. In the summer, replace figs with ripe stone fruits for equally great results. Served at room temperature, this tart is ideal for a party, picnic, or decadent snack anytime. Cue the rosé.


Duck, Corn & Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizzas

Use already-baked flatbreads for the base of this tasty pizza (can it get easier?), and top with caramelized onions, shredded duck confit, fresh sweet corn and tangy chèvre. Put arugula or spinach on top for a wilted salad effect. There’s a whole meal here!


Featured image: Bacon & Onion Tarte


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