Filet Mignon: When You Want the Best Steak

Known as the special occasion steak, filet mignon is French for “dainty cut.” And that’s an apt description for the tenderest tip of the tenderloin. Filet mignon is a lean piece of beef that is often larded with bacon and served quite rare.

This is a good steak to have on hand for Father’s Day, Fourth of July, or any summer weekend when the grill is hot. It so happens that all steaks and chops are 15% off at right now, so go ahead and plan the next party.

Filet Mignon - Grass Fed

We offer 8 ounce grass-fed filet mignon in a case of ten, which is perfect for any gathering. Alternately, you can do what D’Artagnan staffers do: keep a case in the freezer for emergency steak dinners. These steaks are lean, with a great beefy flavor.

Or you can order by the each … our Angus beef, grain-finished filet mignon steaks are available in 6 and 8 ounce sizes, and can be ordered one at a time for smaller parties.

Filet Mignon -Angus

And if you are looking for a classic recipe for filet mignon steak, try our Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon recipe, which uses hickory smoked bacon and black truffle butter for an extra flourish.


When you make something you are proud of, share it with us! Post photos of your steak successes on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can see, and celebrate your kitchen victories. We also love pinning! Explore our tasty boards on Pinterest.

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  1. nenasnotes says:

    I look forward to your daily recipes. Thank you for sharing.

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