Father’s Day Gifts for the Food Obsessed Dad

We like food gifts because they offer the experience of cooking and sharing, in addition to the delight of receiving a present. And when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, a shared experience is often the gift he wants most.

Steaks and chops of all kinds (which are 15% off right now) and racks and whole cuts (let him carve his own) make great gifts for the foodie father. Explore our gift section for charcuterie boxes, or collections of duck, foie gras … or find his favorite (perhaps a bacon sampler?).

Of course, a dartagnan.com gift certificate will give him the chance to order what he wants, and exactly when he wants it. We found some fun foodie items online that would work well with a gift certificate, making a nice package to give on Father’s Day.

Classic Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board is for the food and science geek dad who rules the kitchen or the grill. Shop Creative Butterfly XOX, and give this board along with one of our steak gift boxes.

FATHER Cutting Board - Periodic Element Table Cutting Board Engraved Cutting Board Periodic Element Geekery Gift For Dad Fathers Day Gift

Cheat Sheet Apron

The Foodiggity shop has a lot of clever gifts, carefully curated for the super foodie. This handy BBQ apron with cooking temps and tips printed upside down allows dad  to simply check his apron. No longer will he need to grease up his phone searching for the temperature guide for grilled steaks.


BBQ Apron Guide

Heavy Metal

How about something handmade? Snowflake Forge makes beautiful steel steak turners for the outdoor grilling dad. This is the least obtrusive way to move meat around the grates.Hand Forged Steak Turner - great grilling tool, Father's Day gift, meat turner, BBQ for Dad, summer barbecue set, chicken, steak, or pork

Dressed to Impress

Well Done Goods has designed elegant stainless steel tie bars for carnivores, based on plastic markers for steak doneness. Is dad a medium or a rare guy?

Held Together by a Hamburger

These handmade pewter hamburger cufflinks by Mancornas send a subtle message that this guy likes to eat, but wants to be stylish while doing it.

Hamburger Cufflinks - Gifts for Men - Anniversary Gift - Handmade - Gift Box Included

Must Wash Hands

There’s a trend of making soap that looks like food: steak, bacon and eggs, croissants, bagels, or whatever you can dream up. This hot dog soap from Love Lee Soaps is fun because it comes in a hot dog bag, and is almost too realistic. Dad will want to get some grill marks on this puppy.

Hot Dog Soap Set - Fun Soap, Hotdog Soap, Gag Gift, Food Soap, LoveLeeSoaps, Fake Food Soap, Novelty Bath, Gag Gift, Prank Soap, Dog Soap

Endless Cup of Bacon

Is dad a bacon lover? This mug from Golden Pineapple Press will be a perfect breakfast accompaniment. Just keep that bacon coming!

That's Too Much Bacon, Said No One Ever, Coffee Mug, Gift for Him, Father's Day, Carnivore Gift, Brunch Friends, Breakfast Food, Funny Quote

Nice Spread

We love this carnivore tea towel by Tammy Smith Designs for its vintage vibe and the glorious spread of meat and seafood on the grill. Remind him of his grilling victories, even in the dead of winter, with this towel.

Carnivore Tea Towel-Home Goods-Kitchen-Red-Grey-Black-17 x 28

Featured image: Meat chart poster, giclee reproduction from original watercolor painting, by Lucille’s Kitchen, available on etsy.

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