4 Ways to Roast Leg of Lamb for Christmas

When was the last time you ate lamb?  Did you know that it’s one of the most popular meats in England, Australia, Greece and the Middle East?  In the United States we eat a paltry annual average of one pound of lamb per person, in comparison to the almost 40 pounds consumed by each person in those countries.

What are we missing? In the case of leg of lamb, a tender and flavorful roast that is simple to cook and serves 6-8. That sounds like holiday fare to us!

This Christmas, serve our grass-fed leg of lamb, simply roasted on the bone, or choose our boneless leg of lamb for ease of stuffing and carving. Here are four recipes worthy of your holiday table.

Simple Roast Bone-In Leg of Lamb

This elegant lamb roast is exceptionally flavorful and incredibly tender. It’s also deceptively simple to make and perfect for the holidays. Serve with your favorite festive side dishes.


Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb with Port Wine Truffle Sauce

This leg of lamb is impressive enough for your Christmas feast, yet easy enough for a Sunday dinner any time of year. The finishing touch is the truffle butter Port wine sauce –magnifique! 


Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Cranberries & Chestnuts

Chef Michel Nischan stuffs a boneless leg of lamb with an aromatic blend of dried cranberries, chestnuts and fresh sage – prefect for Christmas dinner – then cooks it to medium rare for a show-stopping roast.


Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb with Mint Gremolata

This simply seasoned, butterflied leg of lamb is tasty and easy to prepare. The gremolata-style condiment is packed with fresh mint and citrus, lending bright, fresh flavor. Rolling and tying the roast allows for even cooking and makes carving a cinch.


Fun Fact: Our friends in New Zealand get special mention for eating an average of 57 pounds of lamb a year, thus ranking the nation as number one in the world for eating lamb meat!

If you are roasting D’Artagnan lamb this year, take photos and share with us on social media. We love to see what’s cooking! Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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