Favorite Charcuterie? The Winner Is …

Our staff was recently polled about their favorite charcuterie … and the overwhelming majority voted for duck rillettes (pronounced ree-yet). What it is about duck rillettes that has everyone craving them?

We will let staffer Adeline answer that:

They’re meaty and satisfying, but not too heavy. They’re a crowd-pleaser and a unique addition to a platter, offering a different texture and less saltiness than traditional sausages and cheeses. Spread on warm baguette slices for the perfect brunch accompaniment. Step aside, avocado toast!

ptedr002-1_va1_sqDuck rillettes are made from the legs of our Rohan™ duck, a proprietary hybrid of several duck breeds, raised exclusively for us on a New York State farm.

The hefty duck legs are slowly cooked in duck stock and aromatics until tender, and then finely shredded. The meat is creamed together with duck fat, salt, pepper and garlic, making a luscious and dense spread.

It’s another fantastic treat brought to you by the old days before refrigeration. Like all charcuterie, duck rillettes came about because people needed to preserve their meat without the benefit of a Sub-Zero.


Enjoy spreadable and chunky duck rillettes simply on toast, with crunchy pickles on the side, or serve as part of a charcuterie board. They are absolutely addictive in sandwiches, too. Try them on Duck Fat Foccacia Bread, as shown below.

One staffer makes truffled rillettes grilled cheese sandwiches for his son, another is happy to just eat rillettes with a fork from the container. Other suggestions: serve on baguette, sliced apple, or shortbread cookies, stuff into wontons, or layer into quesadillas.

Duck Fat Foccacia Bread with Duck Rillettes, Asparagus and Cucumber

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