Top 6 Turkey Recipes

Roasting the Thanksgiving turkey is a subject of much discussion and trepidation. Perhaps because most people are accustomed to poultry coming in convenient pieces, there is a bit of uncertainty about roasting a large, whole bird. Then there is the added pressure of entertaining; all eyes are on the cook at Thanksgiving.

Here are six recipes that can help you make an impressive turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Give them another thing to be thankful about.

Bresse-Style Poached & Roasted Turkey

This two-day turkey recipe ensures juicy meat, and is inspired by a recipe from Bresse, the poultry capital of France. In this technique, one of Ariane’s favorites for cooking poultry, the bird is first poached in a rich broth, then roasted the next day. This not only maintains the texture of the white meat, but affords you a pot of turkey broth. And after the roasting, the turkey comes out of the oven with a crackling brown skin.


Roast Turkey with Bourbon & Pecan Stuffing

This classic roast turkey recipe offers moist sausage-and-pecan-flecked stuffing. Caramel notes of bourbon play a part in the flavor fest, along with poultry stock (turkey if you can get it, chicken if not). The 4-side roasting ensures a bird that’s juicy through and through, and nicely finished on all sides.


Roast Turkey with Chestnuts

Even though the French do not celebrate Thanksgiving, they know how to roast a turkey: rubbed in garlic and white wine, with a side of glazed chestnuts and buttery mushrooms. This recipe will show you how to achieve the ultimate turkey triumph, whether for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Simple Roast Turkey

Back to basics. Here’s a bare-bones roast turkey recipe that will yield a juicy bird every time. Use this as a basic template, and add your own flare with your favorite spices, herbs or dressing.

Roast Turkey with Giblet Gravy

An all-natural, sustainably-raised turkey needs little embellishment. In this roast turkey recipe, we keep the meat moist with butter and draped cheesecloth (it’s  a great trick). Gravy is worth making from scratch, and giblet gravy is required eating, so don’t skip it.

Maple-Glazed Turkey with Gingersnap Gravy

And now for something completely different. The roast turkey recipe is pretty straightforward, but gingersnap cookies add a sweet, gingery–and unexpected–kick to Thanksgiving gravy. Sounds a little odd, but the results are delightful.
What is your favorite way to cook turkey? Are you a griller, roaster, smoker or deep-fryer?  Tell us about your Thanksgiving turkey adventures in the comments, or join the discussion on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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