Make a Pheasant Feast

Since ancient times pheasant has held an honored place at the table. When was the last time you had pheasant on your table? This could be the perfect bird for a smaller Thanksgiving feast; one pheasant serves two people.

We offer our farm-raised domestic pheasants year round, but this is the perfect time to enjoy the Wild Scottish Pheasant coming in from the estate hunts in the U.K.

Pheasant has pinkish-white meat that is full-flavored and lean. As with all lean game birds, barding, braising and otherwise adding fat is encouraged. Our favorites methods include using bacon, ventrèche, duck fat or truffle butter.


For a complete video guide to roasting a pheasant (with lots of brown butter), link to this Wine Spectator video. Watch Ariane and Chef Bryce Shuman of Betony NYC go step by step through the process of roasting a pheasant, with clear explanations of why certain techniques are used. You can learn a lot hanging around in a professional kitchen. Check for part two, and also the prep videos, which demonstrate how to air-dry the bird before cooking.


Download the full pheasant recipe, with cranberry chutney and foie gras and truffle sauce. You will not regret making this one.

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