10 Ways to Cook with Truffle Butter on Thanksgiving

Black truffle butter. These three words have the power to induce salivation. While black truffle butter is a year-round kitchen staple, its versatility is especially appreciated during the holidays. Here are 10 amazing ways to incorporate a truffle-rich dish into your Thanksgiving meal. 

1. Truffled Turkey

Beginning with the turkey itself, truffle butter plays an essential role in our Thanksgiving feast. That’s because we cram truffle butter under the skin before we roast the turkey. Smaller gathering? No problem – make a truffled turkey breast roulade.  

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2. Truffle Butter Parker House Rolls

These rolls are soft, squishy, golden, and downright irresistible. The truffle butter is baked right in the dough, as well as brushed on top. Make extra; these will be gobbled up quickly.


3. Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Truffle butter and potatoes were made for each other. This recipe is inspired by the classic Joël Robuchon mashed potato recipe which calls for equal parts potato and butter (!). Garlic cloves slow-cooked in duck fat are added, along with a generous amount of black truffle butter for intensely earthy and rich potatoes. The fresh truffles on top are optional but very delicious.


4. Chestnuts & Truffle Butter

Chestnuts are not just for roasting over an open fire. We love these sweet, fully-cooked nuts any time of the year. But when Thanksgiving comes, we sauté chestnuts with walnuts, fennel, and pearl onions in black truffle butter for this delightful side dish.

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5. Truffle Cheese Puffs 

Classic gougères are already a cocktail hour favorite, but they make a lovely addition to the appetizer course of your holiday meal. Gougères are basically cheese puffs, made with pâte à choux dough. When you add our black truffle butter, they become completely irresistible.


6. Potato & Leek Gratin with Pancetta

This is an approach to classic scalloped potatoes that is enhanced with leeks, crispy pancetta, and of course, truffle butter.  

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7. Black Truffle Butter Biscuits

This quick & easy biscuit recipe brings a little luxury to your brunch game. Our black truffle butter adds an earthy richness to the flaky biscuits, which make great breakfast sandwiches with scrambled eggs and our heritage ham.

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8. Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding

This simple savory bread pudding recipe is versatile and pairs well with meat or poultry and can be baked in a large dish or individual ramekins.

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9. Truffle Butter Duchesse Potatoes

French-style piped potatoes, or Pommes Duchesse, are a bit of a throwback but so delicious. We added a generous helping of black truffle butter to this it-only-looks-hard recipe for a super tasty rendition of a classic side. The outside gets delightfully crispy while the centers are fluffy and light.

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10. Truffled Cauliflower Gratin

Cauliflower is the “it” vegetable of the moment, so why not incorporate it in this creamy and decadent classic French-style gratin for Thanksgiving? 

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Black truffle butter is available in 3 oz. tub, 8 oz., and 1 lb. log. For the holidays, we highly recommend a one-pound log of butter – any leftovers can be stored in the freezer for the next time the mood strikes. 

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