Pig Head Confit Stands Out at Sauvage

Congratulations to Chef Lisa Giffen and the whole team at Sauvage in Brooklyn for the one-star NY Times review!

Opened in May of this year, Sauvage  has been attracting attention for the pig head confit, which Pete Wells raved about (see below).  And we just happen to supply them with the porcelet heads for this extraordinary dish.  Porcelet is milk-fed piglet, and offers pork of unparalleled flavor and tenderness, and perfect for this application.

View of Sauvage interior, from sauvageny.com

Nothing I ate this summer knocked me back quite as hard as Sauvage’s pig head confit. The name is no figure of speech. This is the head of a pig in profile, flattened like a Cuban sandwich. I was still staring at it when a server said sweetly: “Just so you know: I forgot to mention that the sauce is made from the brains. It’s coming out of the ear.”

When brain sauce is spilling from the ear of a pig, you don’t need to tell me what to do. I tore into the head, beginning with the tanned cheeks, following the curve of the smile and ending with the round snout, the size of a Ritz cracker. The skin was chewy and crunchy, with a compressed layer of firm meat underneath, basted in fat.

– Pete Wells, NY Times, At Sauvage, European Discipline Meets Gut Instinct


So if you make it to Sauvage, order the pig head for two and let us know how you like it. It is National Pork Month, after all.

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