Charcuterie You Will Love! Wild Boar, Duck & Pork Saucisson Sec

When it comes to charcuterie, secs sells.

That’s why we’re expanding our line of air-cured saucisson sec. This popular sausage can best be described as the French version of salami. With its meaty texture and delightful flavor, it’s a must for any charcuterie board. Saucisson sec is also an excellent accompaniment to a cheese plate, and can be used in recipes – sliced for tartine sandwiches or diced for salads and pasta dishes.

D’Artagnan Saucisson Sec, from left to right: Wild Boar, Duck, and Pork.

Three Types of Saucisson Sec

Our classic Pork Saucisson Sec remains as delicious as it was, with only a little variation in the recipe. J oining this old friend are two new variations that we hope you will love as much as we do.

Wild Boar Saucisson Sec is charcuterie with an attitude. It makes sense that it’s spiked with red wine – this is a party waiting to happen.

With its meaty texture and delightful flavor, Wild Boar Saucisson Sec is a must for any charcuterie board. Or cheese plate, picnic, party … or even mid-afternoon snack.

Serve with something pickled and a dab of mustard on the side to bring a bright note to the palate. Crackers or sliced baguette would make the perfect pairing.

Duck Saucisson Sec has a smooth, dense texture and delightful flavor, with hints of warm quatre epices, a spice combination that goes well with duck.

Add duck saucisson to any charcuterie board or cheese plate (for ideas on combining the two, check our blog post on the subject). Serve with fresh figs, grapes, or melon. Or try an all-duck charcuterie board with our Duck Rillettes, Duck Prosciutto, Smoked Duck Breast, even Duck Terrine Mousquetaire. Quack, quack!

Our Pork Saucisson Sec in its natural habitat: a charcuterie board.

Choose one, or buy all three and have a Saucisson Sec tasting party.

After you’ve tried them, please tell us what you think about the new Saucisson Sec; leave a review on the product page at We love to hear from you!


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