The Best Fried Chicken Recipe

The most popular chicken recipe on our site is Thomas Keller’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  And we can’t say that we’re surprised. The internet loves this recipe, and so do we.

Keller’s Ad Hoc restaurant is famous for this fried chicken, brined for 12 hours with herbs and lemon.  The meat is well-seasoned, super juicy and the crust is perfectly crisp. Isn’t that what fried chicken is supposed to be?  Although it takes time to prepare, if you’re a true fried chicken fan, it’s totally worth it.

And Chef Keller knows that great products are the basis for every great recipe, as you can see in this short video interview.  We are proud that D’Artagnan products have been in his kitchens for many years.  Looking to cook with the best? We recommend our organic chicken drumsticks or thighs for this recipe.

Thomas Keller_Ad Hoc at Home_Fried Chicken

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