When You Give a Fig …

…about eating truly ripe fruit, you need to buy it seasonally and locally. So hit the farmer’s market and bring home a little basket of figs. It’s fig season and they are perfect now, whether eaten out of hand or paired with charcuterie like Jambon de Bayonne, smoked duck breast, duck prosciutto or bacon. Mmm…bacon-wrapped figs.

And then there are all the recipes to make with the season’s bounty. Figs are particularly well watched with duck, but also work with game meats like venison and wild boar. Here are a few ideas to get you cooking.

Fig and Prosciutto Tart Recipe


Kind of like a fancy pizza, this Fig and Prosciutto Tart recipe is easy to make with store-bought Dufour pastry. Spread on the mascarpone, and let the oven caramelize the figs. Perfect for a simple meal in the backyard with a bottle of wine.

Double Duck Breasts with Baked Figs Recipe


One of the most natural pairings is duck and figs. We love this duck recipe by David Tanis, which involves some clever trussing of  two duck  breasts, and sweet baked figs as a perfect accompaniment.

Roasted Quail Stuffed with Fig & Proscuitto


This one is a tour de forcemeat. Chef Daniel Boulud gives our semi-boneless quail the royal treatment by stuffing them with sweet  figs, fresh forcemeat and salty prosciutto. The resulting dish is as visually stunning as it is delicious. You can watch the master in action as he prepares this quail recipe  in our video, then try it at home.

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