8 Ways to Mix Up Your Grilling Routine

Bored with the same old stuff on the grill? Mix up your grilling routine and try some of our protein alternatives to shake things up! Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your grill game and try new things.

1. Burgers

If you normally grill burgers, try… bison burgers. An easy switch! Try our recipe and top your bison burger with mushrooms.


2. Bratwurst

If you normally grill brats, try… lamb merguez or chorizo. Lamb merguez is the Parisian equivalent of a hot dog on the streets of New York City. Tuck into a baguette and slather with mustard.

A French classic: lamb merguez sausage dressed with mustard
A French classic: lamb merguez sausage dressed with mustard

3. Chicken

If you normally grill chicken, try… semi-boneless poussin, or semi-boneless quail. Serving is easy: one bird per person.

Simple Brined & Grilled Poussin
Simple Brined & Grilled Poussin

3. Hot Dogs

If you normally grill hot dogs, try…game sausages.

4. Filet Mignon

If you normally grill filet mignon, try… boneless lamb loin.

lamb loin persillade1
Lamb loin

5. Steaks

If you normally grill steaks, try… Wagyu steaks. But please, respect the beef. Do not overcook Wagyu!

Grilled wagyu steak

6. Pork Chops

If you normally grill pork chops, try … veal chops.  Hey, we really like pork chops too,  so if you want to up your game, switch to Berkshire pork chops.

Veal chop

7. Pork Cutlets

If you normally grill pork cutlets, try… wild boar tenderloin.

Wild boar tenderloin

8. Lamb Chops

If you normally grill lamb chops, try… frenched venison rib rack. Or even venison stew meat on kebab skewers.

Venison Kebabs

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