7 Easter Brunch Ideas & Recipes

Are you hosting Easter brunch and looking for some fun ideas … perhaps with more bacon? We have some recipes to inspire a very tasty brunch this year, with seasonal ingredients and quite a lot of bacon.

1. Bacon and cheddar scones are perfect for brunch, paired with scrambled eggs. Also tea time, snack time, or any time.  These easy-to-make scones have crispy edges, a flaky yet tender interior, and are packed with flavor from our applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh chives. Try one fresh from the oven. Thank us later.

Bacon cheddar scones

2. Our truffle butter hollandaise recipe is one of our favorite kitchen hacks! Black truffle butter imparts rich, earthy flavor, making this 5-minute sauce worthy of any special occasion. Use it on asparagus, eggs Benedict or even a seared steak. Once you master this recipe, you can whip it up anytime and pour that silkiness over anything at all. A definite brunch booster!

Truffle butter Hollandaise sauce

3. Ok, let’s be serious. You’re hungry; you need something filling at brunch. The breakfast burger is a bistro classic, but we’ve upped the flavor ante by using lean buffalo and adding zesty mayo inspired by our favorite morning cocktail, the Bloody Mary. Also there is bacon (we promised that). Don’t let the name fool you, this protein-packed burger is delicious any time of day.

Breakfast burger with spicy mayo and bacon

4. If you’re feeding a crowd, you have to think like a caterer. Make something simple that can be ready all at once – and remain hot. And our eggs en cocotte recipe fits the bill. It serves 6, but you can easily double it if needed; just pack more ramekins in the oven. Earthy mushrooms and fragrant black truffle butter make this classic dish a standout. This could become your favorite go-to brunch recipe.

Baked eggs en cocotte with wild mushrooms

5. Asparagus salad with egg and bacon is a great combination, and is seasonally appropriate for springtime. We like this salad for dinner, too. But for brunch, you simply cannot go wrong with this fresh salad … and all the crunch and smoke and salt that bacon brings.

Asparagus bacon and egg salad

6. We said there would be bacon. Yes, our applewood smoked bacon is delicious on its own, but add a sticky sweet glaze of brown sugar and it becomes the stuff of brunch legend.

Brown sugar bacon

7. And if you like sweet bacon, you have to try these doughnuts. These tender old fashioned’s are brought to next-level goodness with a creamy maple glaze and crispy bacon. Think they’re too decadent? Don’t worry, they’re baked not fried. That counts for something, right?

Maple bacon doughnuts


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