5 Fun Potato Recipes You’ll Want to Make Immediately

The potato stands above all other vegetables as a comfort food we adore. Perfect with cheese, bacon, eggs, truffles – and just about everything – potatoes are the gift that keeps on giving. Read on for 5 potato recipes from easy confit potatoes to fancy truffle butter potatoes that are sure to inspire spud cravings.

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1. Confit Fingerling Potatoes

Try this easy recipe for baby potatoes cooked in aromatic duck fat. When making duck or rabbit confit, reserve the fat and poach fingerlings for a rich side dish, or buy duck fat just for your potatoes. They deserve it.


2. Wild Mushroom Potato Gratin

Black truffle butter and several varieties of mushrooms make this creamy potato gratin recipe worthy of company or simply your weekend family dinner.


3. Tortilla Española with Chorizo & Manchego

The beauty of a Spanish omelette lies in its versatility. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, aperitif, or light supper, our tortilla is packed with the requisite creamy potatoes and sweet onions, but we added spicy cured chorizo and some salty Manchego cheese to kick it up a notch. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of oil needed. Once the potatoes and onions are cooked, the oil is drained away.


4. Truffle Butter Duchess Potatoes

French-style piped potatoes, or Pommes Duchesse, are a bit of a throwback but so delicious. We added a generous helping of our black truffle butter to this it-only-looks-hard recipe for a super tasty rendition of a classic side. The outside gets delightfully crispy while the centers are fluffy and light.


5. Chorizo & Potato Hash with Eggs

This chorizo and potato hash recipe is super easy to make and will satisfy the heartiest of appetites, at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Duck fat is the secret to getting perfectly crispy, golden brown potatoes, so don’t skimp!


What are your favorite ways to eat potatoes? Tell us in the comments.

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