5 Unexpected Types of Poultry Perfect for the Grill

Is grill fatigue setting in? Forget about boneless, skinless chicken breast for a moment. That’s not what your grill wants. There are better poultry options that are far juicier, tastier, and more satisfying. And isn’t that the goal of every grillmaster? Read on for 5 ideas for cooking poultry that will show guests that you know what to do with a grill.

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1. Grilled Duck Breast

Also known as “duck steak,” this meaty cut is great for grilling. And it’s so easy! Score the skin side of the duck breast and season with salt and pepper. Place it skin-side down on the grill over indirect heat and close the cover while the fat renders out and the skin crisps, which could take 15 minutes or more. Flip over and sear the meat side for a few minutes. Always let your cooked meat rest.

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Duck Breast on Grill AdobeStock_52951288.jpeg

2. Grilled Quail

If you’re not grilling quail, you are missing a world of flavor. The lean dark meat is a delight when grilled. Our semi-boneless quail are tender, mild, and cook in under 20 minutes. Here we’ve given them a quick marinade in fresh summer herbs, tart lemon, and a just a whisper of Dijon. They’re heavenly … and easy to eat.

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Grilled Quail Closeup.jpg
Our Herb-Grilled Quail recipe is super easy.

3. Grilled Guinea Hen

The lean and flavorful meat of the guinea hen is highly favored around the world. Take the hint, and grill-roast a whole bird with the rotisserie attachment for your grill. Basted in its own juices, the dark meat will be succulent and delicious. We’ve also been known to throw guinea hen legs right on the grates – with satisfying results.

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Guinea Hen on Grill Rotisserie AdobeStock_125255691.jpeg

4. Grilled Poussin

Can’t convince them to eat quail? Their loss. Try something more familiar with poussin. These young chickens cook up extra juicy and flavorful with a quick aromatic brine and a hot grill. A semi-boneless poussin is perfectly portioned for one, taking the guesswork out of meal prep. And because it can lay flat on the grill, it’s done in no time.

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Try our Simple Brined & Grilled Poussin recipe.

5. Grilled Squab

There’s nothing like the tender red meat of squab on the grill. Richly flavored, silky in texture, and lean; squab is known for its singular ability to retain moisture during cooking. Each bird serves as an individual portion and is best enjoyed when cooked rare to medium rare.

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