Try These Addictive 5-Minute Meals for Summer Weeknight Dinners

Looking for a quick and easy dinner on a summer weeknight? With no time to cook – and no desire to heat up the kitchen – it’s easy to succumb to not-so-good-for-you convenience foods. But there’s no need! Charcuterie comes to the rescue. On busy weeknights, turn to duck rillettes (ree-yet). Check our 6 simple no-cook meal ideas below, and feel no after-dinner shame.

Rillettes are a wonderful type of charcuterie: slow-cooked duck legs that have been shredded and creamed with fat and cooking juices. Tender, tasty, ready-to-eat and so versatile, duck rillettes are best served at room temperature.

Keep a tub or two of rillettes in the fridge for the easiest summer supper imaginable. Uncork a bottle of rosé and relax for the evening.

1. Spread the Love

The most obvious way to enjoy duck rillettes is simply spread on toast, slices of fresh baguette or crackers. Be sure to bring rillettes to room temperature first. Serve with crunchy, tart cornichons to complement the rich flavor. Some prefer a sweet chutney alongside, so experiment and find your favorite.


2. Duck Rillettes on a Salad

Toss together a green salad and top with a scoop of room-temperature duck rillettes. The juices will mingle with the dressing, so choose a simple oil and vinegar mixture, perhaps accented with mustard.

3. Stuffed Avocado

For those eating a keto diet, this will become a new favorite. Stuff the hollow of a ripe avocado with duck rillettes. Chop some Persian cucumbers very finely and sprinkle on top, then accent with a squeeze of lime juice and chopped cilantro. Eat

4. Simple Sandwich

Of course, a sandwich will make a lovely cold supper. Take a shortcut and make our Vietnamese banh mi with duck rillettes for something crunchy and satisfying. Or use what is at hand. Include some vegetables, greens, pickles, and mustard.

Duck fat focaccia bread with duck rillettes, cucumber, asparagus and creamy sauce.

5. A Very Ducky 3 Bean Salad

The potluck classic gets a makeover with the addition of duck rillettes, which work well with the oil and vinegar dressing. Canned beans make this a good last-minute recipe, but the dressing should have time to marinate the beans, so mix it together the night before, or at least an hour before eating. Simply serve the bean salad with a dollop of rillettes on top.


6. Duck Rillettes Quesadillas

Ok, this one requires a tiny bit of cooking. Corn tortillas, hard grated cheese, and a cast iron pan conspire to make the fastest quesadillas ever. Lay a tortilla in the heated pan, spread a bit of duck rillettes on top, layer on the cheese and some chopped jalapeno and cilantro, if you like. Top it with a second tortilla, or simply fold the single shell in half when heated and cheese is melted. This recipe is also very doable in a toaster oven.

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