Deconstructing Daniel Boulud’s Famous DB Burger

We are proud of the reputation that D’Artagnan holds in the best kitchens across the daniel-boulud-quote-framedcountry. We’re not talking in superlatives; our chef clients are some of the biggest names on the culinary scene. One of them, Daniel Boulud, is known around here by his first name only. Daniel was an early supporter of D’Artagnan, and continues to serve many of our products in his restaurants.

We are always delighted to see Daniel in the news, and this Business Insider article is worth reading. In it, Daniel gives step-by-step instructions on making his famous signature DB burger. This burger was a sensation when first introduced in 2001 at db bistro moderne, and launched a movement of upscale burgers in restaurants. Burgers had been relegated to diners, pubs, and burger joints until Daniel cannily elevated them. Critics weren’t sure a $27 burger would fly back then, but were they ever wrong.

When Daniel Boulud created his first burger 16 years ago, he wanted to combine the ingredients of one of his most popular dishes — Braised Short Ribs — with the iconic American burger recipe. To begin, he braises shredded oxtail, short ribs, chopped truffle, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and herbs in red wine for four hours.

– Business Insider

Daniel uses D’Artagnan foie gras for the magical core of flavor in this multi-layered burger. Below, a few highlights from the Business Insider piece, which provides beautiful photos of each step in the process. Daniel Boulud Business Insider Foie Gras Burger

A thick medallion of braised short ribs with foie gras inside gets tucked into burger meat before being cooked.Daniel Boulud Business  Insider Foie Gras Burger 3.jpg

And the finished product is so thick that you’ll want a knife and fork to eat it. Naturally, it’s served with frites. Today the burger is only $7 more than it was when introduced 16 years ago. Daniel Boulud Business Insider Foie Gras Burger 2

Next time you are in New York City, be sure to order the burger that started it all. Or replicate it at home with our beef short ribs, ground Angus beef, and foie gras.

Featured photo: The maestro Daniel Boulud in his kitchen during D’Artagnan 25th anniversary dinner at Daniel. 

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