Weekend Project: DIY Food Gifts Everyone Will Love

We are advocates for a well-stocked kitchen – the freezer in particular. That’s why we offer black truffle butter in 1 lb. logs. It keeps nicely in the freezer and is always at the ready for last-minute inspirations (and popcorn for Netflix nights). Bacon is another one of those must-haves. Think of all the things that are better with bacon – or look at our bacon recipes if you need inspiration in that department.

Which brings us to duck fat. Cooking with duck fat is kitchen alchemy at its tastiest. With a silky mouthfeel, propensity for deep browning and delicate savory flavor, duck fat seems to spin anything it touches into culinary gold – from potatoes to poultry to popcorn. Keep it in the freezer forever (or nearly that long). Check out our duck fat recipes to see what we’ve made with it.

If you are well prepared with these items you can easily create some unforgettable food gifts. Suitable for gifting at the holidays (or anytime), as favors for a party, these recipes are simple and satisfying. After all, aren’t homemade gifts the nicest?

Bacon Jam – Need We Say More?

Bacon jam is a sweet & salty condiment that’s excellent on burgers, used like chutney with grilled and roasted meats, or just slathered on your favorite toasted bread. Double or triple the recipe as needed, and pack the jam into small Ball or Weck jars for presentation.


Sweet + Savory Candy

Bacon brittle – the best combination of flavors. This bacon-studded, sweet and salty confection is a favorite among D’Artagnan staff, especially around the holidays. It’s a great option for edible gifting too, as it keeps for a long time. Pack into gift boxes, parchment paper, or candy bags, most likely available at your local craft store.


While you are making candy, consider these salted duck fat caramels. The recipe for these silky, melt-in-your-mouth confections is from Laura Davis of the excellent food blog, Tide & Thyme. We think they’d make a lovely & unique edible gift during the holiday season.


Did we mention chestnuts? Our fully-cooked, peeled and ready-to-eat chestnuts are from France and offer great flavor and texture without all the trouble. They last a long time in vacuum-sealed packs so you can keep them in the fridge during the holidays for recipes like this one.

Unexpectedly delightful as an element of nutty sweetness in our dark chocolate truffles, which are packed with rich chocolate flavor. Best of all? They’re incredibly easy to make and perfect for sharing.


Everybody Loves Cookies

These hearty oatmeal cookies are studded with crumbled bacon, toasted pecans, and two kinds of apples then sprinkled with maple sugar for an extra dimension of flavor. They’re sweet and salty, chewy and crisp – perfectly delicious.


A holiday staple in the American Southwest, biscochitos are cookies made from lard and flavored with anise and orange zest. Since these are also common flavors in Southwest France, we put our own spin on biscochitos by making them with duck fat. This recipe will yield 3-4 dozen, depending on the cookie cutter you use. Obviously, we had to make duck-shaped cookies.


Not quite a cookie, more of a cracker, this shortbread recipe features our flavorful black truffle butter. When combined with parmesan cheese and a little flour, it makes addictively crisp and tasty shortbread with this easy recipe. These are great with charcuterie boards, cheese plates, topped with your favorite condiments, or as a nibble on their own. Make a big batch to give as gifts (perhaps with some of our quality charcuterie). During the holidays, keep a chilled log of dough in the fridge and bake off right before guests arrive.


If you make some of these tasty comestibles for the holidays, be sure to share the cheer on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to show us what you made!



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