Top 10 Ways to Cook with Ham

Our fully-cooked, ready-to-serve heritage smoked ham is tender, juicy and full of flavor. This Applewood Smoked Heritage Ham is cured off the bone;  rubbed with salt and sugar and smoked over real applewood chips.

Inspired by the old-time taste of the heritage pork, we keep our recipe and curing process simple. We never use artificial flavors or liquid smoke. That’s part of the reason why our ham is so incredibly delicious.Boneless heritage ham

Ideas for Cooking with Ham

Ham is easy; it makes practically everything better. So what can you do with our smoked ham?

Ham with Pasta: Chunk ham and toss with your favorite pasta and peas; a creamy sauce and grated Parmesan cheese make this dish a keeper. While you are thinking pasta, try mac and cheese with ham.

Ham Pasta Peas JaBB Flickr.jpg
Creamy linguine with ham and peas, photo: JaBB, Flickr

Ham Sandwich: The ham sandwich is a classic, whether it’s grilled cheese with ham, or a pressed sandwich with a layer of ham inside. You might also try a croque madame; lay a slice of ham on toast, then top with cheese and a runny fried egg. Melt under the broiler for a brief moment, until bubbling.

Michael Stern Ham and Cheese Sandwich Flickr.jpg

Ham and Eggs: Dice ham for a frittata or omelette; serve alongside eggs done your favorite way, or add to quiche. Ham and eggs get along famously. Our Ham, Asparagus, & Wild Mushroom Strata is part frittata, part savory bread pudding, and totally delicious.

ham-asparagus-mushroom-strata-recipeHam and Potatoes: Add ham to creamy scalloped potatoes, or make warm potato salad with ham. Potatoes and ham are great together.

Warm Potato Salad with Ham Jules Flickr.jpg
Warm potato salad with ham, photo: Jules, Flickr.

Ham in Soup: Split pea soup is made better with ham, and lentil soup likes ham, too. Creamy soups like corn and potato chowder benefit from a topping of diced ham. And white bean soup with shredded ham is sublime.

Ham and Lentil Soup Jules on Flickr.jpg
Ham and vegetable soup with lentils, photo: Jules, Flickr.

Ham and Rice: Make ham fried rice at home, and forget about takeout. This is the perfect recipe for leftover ham.

Ham Fried Rice James Flickr.jpg
Ham fried rice, photo: James, Flickr.

Ham Salad: Try deviled ham; ground ham with hot sauce, cayenne pepper or some hot pepper of your choosing. Mayonnaise or cream cheese is often used to hold it together.

Ham on Pizza: Layer sliced or diced ham on pizza. Need we say more?

2014_Pizza_con_funghi_e_prosciutto_cotto_e_mozzarella_di_bufalaGrits with Ham: Ariane’s Truffled Grits with Ham recipe was inspired by escaoutoun, a traditional Gascon dish made with cornmeal and cream. This is a comfort food favorite at D’Artagnan, and it’s worth trying.

Truffled Grits with Ham.JPG

What are your favorite ways to enjoy ham? Tell us here, or find us on social media. We love to see what you’re cooking, so feel free to share kitchen pics. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Renate S Plummer says:

    Diced ham in mac n cheesewith a well drained can of rotele! Yum

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