What to Eat: Recipes for the Transition from Summer to Fall

We are currently experiencing summer temperatures along much of the East Coast. But fall has officially arrived, and pumpkin spice is lingering in the air. What does one eat when it’s 90 degrees F in late September? We’re ready for braising, slow cooking, and stews, but the weather cues us to head back to the grill.

Here are a few recipes that work any time of the year, and will make the transition from summer to fall a tasty time. These six recipes will work in any season, but we picked them for the transition from summer to fall. Try one on an evening that still holds enough light for al fresco dining, or enjoy a cozy meal when an autumn breeze chills the night.

1. Duck Bacon Carbonara

Rich, creamy, and ready in less than 20 minutes? Yes! This easy carbonara is your go-to meal when you want comfort food and you want it now. Whatever the weather, pasta is always welcome. Smoky duck bacon makes this satisfying dish extra-special.


2. Mushroom Croque Monsieur with Truffle Butter Bechamel

Sautéed exotic mushrooms are smothered in truffle butter béchamel and two types of melty cheese in this twist on the classic bistro sandwich. Perfect for lunch or a light supper, serve with cornichons and dressed baby greens. Or top with a fried egg for an upgraded Croque Madame.


3. Mushroom & Cheese Quiche with Truffle Butter Crust

Our organic exotic mushrooms, creamy Gouda, and fresh herbs are packed into a black truffle butter short crust in this easy quiche recipe. Make this a day ahead for a quick brunch or supper. Serve the French way: alongside salad greens with a bright vinaigrette. Serve cold on a hot night. quiche blog alt 1

4. Mussels with Chorizo & White Wine

When in doubt, this quick and easy seafood dish will make a wonderful supper. Briny mussels are delicious with our Spanish-style chorizo and white wine. Serve this convivial dish with a generous helping of crusty bread.

5. Pesto Turkey Burger

You can fire up the grill, or make these burgers in a pan. Contrary to popular belief, turkey burgers don’t have to be dry and flavorless. In this easy recipe we dressed them up with two types of pesto, lots of herbs, radish sprouts, havarti, and avocado. The pesto not only adds flavor but helps to keep the turkey moist. It’s always the right time for a burger.


6. Parmesan-Crusted Veal Chops with Creamy Lemon-Herb Sauce

Not as heavy as steak, not as light as chicken, here’s a simple veal dish that comes together quickly and is packed with flavor – perfect for weeknight dinner. Fines herbes and lemon zest keep the creamy pan-sauce fresh and light.parmesan-veal-chops-milanese-recipe

What are you cooking this warm fall? Let us know in the comments, or find us on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us what’s cooking at your place.

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