The Meat Volcano: A New Way to Eat Ham

When it comes to charcuterie, a food group as old as time, there are seldom innovations. That’s why the volcano dish from Spain is so exciting.

Here’s what we’ve been missing: a porcelain perforated cone designed to warm sliced ham to the perfect temperature using a small tea light. This unique serving dish is being used at the Office, the first New York City location from Chicago wunderkind Chef Grant Achatz.

Opened at the end of June, the speakeasy-style cocktail bar at the Mandarin Oriental is the first half of a project that Achatz and his partner plan for the location. It looks like a lovely place to unwind with a cone of ham and a drink.


Alex Lau Bon Appetit Photo Chef
The Office features this Spanish dish. Photo: Alex Lau, Bon Appetit

If the meat volcano is an indication of things to come, New York City will never be the same. How important is it to eat ham at the right temperature? We will let Bon Appetit answer that question.

Warming jamón Ibérico without compromising its texture is no easy feat. In Spain—where “a jamón on every table” might as well be their “a chicken in every pot”—they’ve devised a genius contraption to achieve the perfect temperature: The so-called “volcano dish,” a perforated ceramic cone warmed from the inside by the flame of a tea light. As the jamón’s fat begins to melt, it releases a whole new set of creamy, nutty flavors. Sandwiched in a hunk of warm, crusty bread along with a smear of romesco sauce—as they do at The Office—it’s about as close to heaven-on-a-plate as you can get.           -Bon Appetit

Read the entire article at Bon Appetit.

The Ham Volcano at Home

You can order one of these finely made (by Maison Bernardaud) dishes here, and begin a new chapter of ham appreciation.

We would love to try it with our Mangalica ham, which comes from the rare, indigenous Hungarian hog, and is cured in Spain for three years. Mangalica ham is so tender it melts in your mouth, and offers a rich flavor, unique flavor that only Mangalica can. The spectacular amount of marbling begs a comparison to Wagyu beef, and allows the ham to age far longer than the leg of a lean hog.

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Our Jámon Ibérico, imported from Spain, would be another good bet for this porcelain volcano. Air-cured Ibérico ham, from the famous acorn-fed pata negra hog in Spain is a Spanish culinary icon and true pleasure for the taste buds.

Iberico Ham Photo.jpg

Try one of our Spanish hams, which are perfect for a special party this summer – and let us know how you like it. If you get a volcano dish, be sure to share a photo! Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We like pinning, too, so find us on Pinterest.

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