Going Whole Hog: The Pig Roast

The August issue of Food and Wine magazine has an article by Matt Gross entitled “High on the Hog.” It’s a meditation on the pleasures of roasting a whole pig in a small backyard in Brooklyn. We know those pleasures translate to any backyard in any town.

… the pig has a particular, primordial power. Cooking an entire animal is a ritual as old as humanity itself, one that forges new friendships and conjures community among those who have shown up to celebrate summer with lard-slicked fingertips. Try doing that with a burger.

Where to Buy A Pig

We started selling whole suckling pigs at dartagnan.com last spring, and they have proven to be very popular. Whole pigs are not that easy to find online, or even at butcher shops. But an increasing number of home cooks are looking for pigs, and are eager to gather around the fire pit to roast them!

We are proud to help these intrepid pit masters find their perfect pig.


Looking to join their ranks? This summer is a great time to have a pig roast. Here are some tips for planning a pig roast.

Whole Pigs at Restaurants

Many of our clients are serving suckling pig, and we featured one in a recent Instagram post. Babi guling, a Balinese whole roasted pig that is heavily spiced, is served at Liberty Kitchen Treehouse in Houston, TX. If you are anywhere near this restaurant, stop by on a  Saturday for this delicacy.

Do Try This At Home

Let us know if you make an event of it. Share photos of your pig roast with us on social media.

Fay Weinstein shared her roasted pig on our Facebook page, to show us the right way to have a block party. Major applause for this neighborhood!

FB Fay Weinstein Pig Roast.jpg

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