Give Dad the Gift of Meat

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, there are silly tokens that make dad smile, and then there’s meat.

You know which one side we land on. We are equal opportunity meat lovers—gender aside—at D’Artagnan. But somehow it seems right and proper to offer dad a hefty piece of Kobe-style Wagyu beef striploin, especially if you are willing to help with the cooking (and eating!) on Father’s Day.

There are more manageable pieces of beef, certainly, and for a kitchen with a shortage of sharp knives, our individual Wagyu beef bone-in ribeye steak is a special cut that makes an impressive gift and requires no butchering. In fact, explore all the luscious Wagyu beef we offer, and find the cut that’s just right for dad. It’s the time of year to give him the very best beef, and our Wagyu is just that.

Wagyu Ribeye Steak.jpg

For low-fat dads, there are plenty of enticing game meat options like a rich buffalo ribeye steak or juicy venison rib chops, both of which offer full-flavored, lean red meat.

There are also steak gift boxes at, specially designed to please any food lover, with a variety pack of 12 ribeyes, filets mignons and NY strip steaks, or a box of just ribeyes, with 8 steaks, half bone-in, the other half bone-out. These come in a brightly-colored gift box and include cooking guides, making them a complete package for the steak-loving dad in your life.


If dad like steak, he may well like chops. We have a wide array of lamb, pork, veal, and venison chops. Explore both steaks and chops on our website.

Our new lamb chops.

If dad would prefer to do his own shopping, give him a gift certificate and let him choose.

For a gift with a personal touch, and immediate usefulness if you are grilling together on Father’s Day, make a versatile spice blend or meat rub with some of dad’s favorite flavors. We always include porcini powder in seasoning blends because it provides a rich, umami flavor. Put the spice mix in a Mason jar with a label so he knows what’s in there. He’ll use the blend more often than he will a gimmicky gift, and think of you while cooking with it.


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  1. StephaniePhelps says:

    This would be so awesome to give to the best father ever!

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