4 Ways to Eat More Turkey Breast

Every family has them: staunch supporters of white breast meat, and the other side that seeks only the darker meat of thighs and legs. Generally, a whole turkey will satisfy both parties. But what to do when the white meat lovers outnumber the rest? One clever solution: roast a separate turkey breast.
This is also a great option for smaller gatherings; it’s simpler to cook and serve than a whole turkey. Here are four turkey breast recipes to inspire.

Simple Roast Turkey Breast

Let’s begin at the beginning. This is a basic technique for roasting a bone-in turkey breast, which is great for smaller holiday gatherings. Add your favorite herbs and spices as you wish. Bake your dressing or stuffing separately (there will be plenty of room in the oven).

Turkey Breast Roulade with Black Truffle Butter

Get out the boning knife. This simple turkey breast roulade takes it to the next level, because you are going to need some knife and trussing skills. We love black truffle butter with turkey; in this recipe it bastes the breast, adding flavor and maintaining moisture. Perfect for a tasty holiday centerpiece, it makes versatile leftovers too!

Turkey Breast with Brioche & Sausage Stuffing

This turkey breast recipe is great for smaller holiday gatherings. Once you master the roulade technique, you can use any of your favorite stuffings, but we love this one which contains both salty and sweet bites (thanks to duck sausage).


Turkey Breast with Mushroom Stuffing

This simple turkey breast roulade is packed with earthy flavor from mushroom duxelles and sautéed leeks. Naturally, there is some black truffle butter in that sauté. Simply delicious.


Are you roasting a turkey or a turkey breast? Have you ever supplemented the turkey with an additional turkey breast? Tell us about your Thanksgiving triumphs and traditions on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Let’s talk turkey!

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