The Early Bird …

… gets the best selection. Our turkey pre-ordering is now available, so it’s time to sit down, plan your Thanksgiving feast and order the right bird for your needs.

Haven’t you always wanted to be the kind of holiday host that keeps cool and has everything well organized? It starts right here, with advanced planning.

Read this article to learn more about all our holiday birds and decide which one is best for your table.


Why Pre-Order?

We work with small farms to offer fresh birds specifically for Thanksgiving. These farms raise limited quantities of birds for the season, and because of the extreme demand for them, birds must be “pre-ordered” well in advance of the holiday. The earlier you order, the more likely we will have the exact size bird that you want for the center of your holiday feast.

A tip: when you select your delivery date, choose a day the week before Thanksgiving; best bets are Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th (if FedEx delivers on Saturday in your area). Why? You will beat the rush of turkeys flying out the door on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and it will give us the time to fix any problems that may arise in shipping. Also, our fresh turkeys sometimes have a little chill on them, which comes from storing the birds at low temperature in our massive refrigerated warehouse.

The Fine Print

Fresh turkey, goose and capon will be available for pre-order (while supplies last) from October 24 to Noon EST, Monday, November 21. The last possible day to take delivery of holiday birds is Tuesday, November 22nd. But don’t wait until the last minute.

All items in the cart with your holiday bird will ship in November on the date you select. So if you want to order something for dinner this week, you will need to place a separate order. See our Holiday Delivery Calendar for more information.

Cooking Your Holiday Bird

Explore our Thanksgiving recipes to find something new to try this season. Not looking to shake things up too much? You can keep it traditional while adding a new twist. Black Truffle Parker House Rolls are a marvelous alternative to classic rolls, and stuffing gets a little livelier in our Wild Boar Sausage and Apple Stuffing recipe.


Tell us about your Thanksgiving plans. Are you the host who does all the cooking, or a grateful guest who helps clean up?  Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to talk turkey with us. 

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