Hello, Hard-to-Find Ham …

Here’s a spicy kick in the taste buds! Our Cajun-inspired Tasso Ham brings the heat and the smoke to gumbos, jambalaya, soups, grits, beans, pasta and stews.

Some of our happy customers shared their thoughts about this ham on our website. Read on to see how folks are enjoying it, then get yourself a Tasso Ham and cook up something good.


An Ohio “Granny who has become too lazy to cook” but still loves to eat, raves about our Tasso Ham.

I have bought much Tasso from Spain, Louisiana, best on-line delis, San Francisco, etc., all of which were very hot, and many had too much fat. This Tasso has just enough spice without dousing out its wonderful flavor with heat. This piece was extraordinarily lean at both ends and the center. Great product!!!

A foodie identified as Life Revolves Around Food, Right?  is creating some converts in Chicago, IL.
 We had “Southern Comfort” food day at work (here in Northern Illinois). As a southerner, I signed up to bring grits and tasso ham gravy. I ordered the meat on-line and was very pleased with the packaging, arrival time, and quality. I received so many compliments and requests for the recipe. We have some grits and gravy converts! Thank you!


Grits with Tasso Ham by Alison Attenborough – recipe at dartagnan.com.

Baker Laura, a foodie in OH, tells us that she “would buy this hard-to-find ham again,” and how she enjoys cooking with it.

 I always use Tasso ham in my shrimp and grits (or rice instead of grits) recipe. It give the dish a wonderful flavor.

A Woodsy Gal and foodie in CA likes to cook with our Tasso Ham.

I like to use Tasso ham, diced, in Cajun type recipes or with braised chicken. I plan to use it in soups this winter.

Spicy Cajun-Style Jambalaya with Tasso Ham – recipe at dartagnan.com.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

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