Top 5 Reasons to Grill with D’Artagnan

With Memorial Day kicking off the start of grill season, it’s time to start thinking about the meat you choose … because quality matters. Everything we do at D’Artagnan is based on the idea that when you raise animals well – responsibly, with room to roam, natural feed, and no antibiotics or hormones – you get tastier meat in the end.

Here are the top 5 reasons you can count on D’Artagnan for your grilling needs this season.

1. Marbling: ultra-marbled, succulent meats give you great results every time. They are less likely to dry out, which give you more wiggle room with cooking time. This is a boon for the host with perpetually late friends, or even the grilling novice. With better meat, you get better results.

Pork Chops
Look at the marbling on these Berkshire pork chops.

2. Variety of product: our website is a one-stop shop for all your meat needs. Grilling hot dogs, burgers, chicken and steaks? We’ve got those. Plus harder-to-find grilling selections like quail, buffalo, venison, duck, and specialty sausages … and cuts for smoking like beef brisket and Berkshire pork shoulder. Going gourmet? We have high-end options like wagyu beef and porcelet (100% milk-fed pork). Going whole hog? We have those, too.

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3. Whole muscle cuts: Buy big like the chefs and butchers do! If you have a sharp knife and some basic skills, you can custom cut steaks and chops to your liking. This allows you to stock the freezer so you are always ready for dinner, or serve a large gathering with ease.

Whole beef ribeye … awaits your steady hand.

4. Convenience: With an impromptu get-together possible on any given summer weekend, you don’t want to get caught with an empty grill. We ship overnight in insulated boxes with ice, so that’s one less errand you have to run before the party. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time outside in the sunshine with family & friends?

Steak on the Grill

5. Resources: We take food seriously, too. That’s why we have dozens of recipes for grilling, barbecue, smoking, and more on our website. And there are informative, instructional articlestips and tricks for you to explore. Plus our team of customer service reps are ready to answer your meaty questions, and help you navigate your many options on our website.

We love to see what’s happening in your kitchen – or at the grill!

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