7 Favorite Veal Recipes

The real deal on veal? Our veal is raised humanely in New York State by a network of small farms. The calves live in groups, in open barns, with sunlight and access to the outdoors; they are never caged or penned. They eat a special milk formula that is scientifically dispensed to add weight and nourish the young animals. This system of veal farming has been lauded by Dr. Temple Grandin, an expert in the humane livestock handling and husbandry.

Have you been missing out? Veal is a delicious alternative to beef, with a lighter taste and tender texture. It’s quite lean, so many recipes add fat to keep it moist. Try one – ore more – of our favorite veal recipes below and let us know how you like it.

Veal Chops Saltimbocca with Tomato Cream

In Italian, saltimbocca means “jump into the mouth,” and if you try this easy recipe for saltimbocca-style veal chops, you’ll understand why it’s top of the favorite list. We wrap Veal Milanese Chops with fresh sage leaves and our Jambon de Bayonne to impart flavor and maintain moisture, and then pan roast in a hot oven. This recipe can be on a plate in under 20 minutes, so it makes an easy weeknight dinner. A light, creamy tomato sauce finishes this delicious dish.


Paupiettes de Veau – Stuffed Veal

This French stuffed veal recipe is a classic. Paupiettes (POH-pee-yet) can be made with thin slices of beef, chicken, fish, lamb or lamb, beaten thin, then stuffed and poached in stock. Our little parcels of tender veal are stuffed with a mixture of ventrèche, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and herbs, before being wrapped in bacon and slow cooked. This is rather more elaborate recipe than the veal chop; watch Ariane prepare paupiettes with Chef Barbara Lynch in our video to help you along. Serve one or two paupiettes per person over steamed rice or mashed potatoes.


Spicy Veal Osso Buco with Cumin Strozzapreti

In the video link above, you can watch Chef Barbara Lynch make this spicy osso buco recipe. It is meltingly tender, full of flavor, and the homemade strozzapreti (pasta) is definitely worth a little extra work. Some crusty bread will come in handy for the luscious bone marrow and soaking up that silky sauce.


Caprese Burger Sliders

While these are not technically all veal, this recipe for summery sliders is too good to miss. We mixed ground Wagyu beef (that legendary marbled beef) with ground veal for the patties, and topped with tomatoes, burrata and fresh basil. Great for tomato season and perfect for a party in slider form, the same ingredients can also be used to make full-sized burgers.


Morel Mushroom Crusted Veal Filet Tenderloin

It’s not all veal chops and osso buco. Sometimes you have to roast a veal tenderloin, and when that day comes, try this delectable veal dish from Chef Alexander Bernard. With an umami-rich crust of ground dried morel mushrooms and a Madeira sauce, this recipe will go in your files under “make this one again.”


Pan-Seared Veal Chops with Citrus-Herb Butter

Keep it simple with this juicy veal chop recipe. To recommend it: the veal chops cook quickly and the flavors are bright and fresh. Make the citrus-herb butter ahead of time and you have a perfect weeknight dinner. This recipe would also make a great choice for entertaining at a dinner party.


Veal Osso Buco with Dirty Polenta

We had to give you just one more veal osso buso recipe. This one is served over dirty polenta that is tinted brightly with turmeric. Cookbook author Pam Anderson likes to braise veal shanks with minced prosciutto (use our Jambon de Bayonne), which allows salt from the ham to flavor the sauce.


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