Eat More Venison: The Other Red Meat

Men’s Health Magazine took notice of our venison recently, which they consider the best red meat. Not beef, not lamb – but venison. Lean and hearty without being gamey, full of nutrients and flavor, with unexpected tenderness … our venison is something special.

Read on for more about our venison and how to cook with it.

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About Our Venison

As free-range as it gets without being wild, our venison comes from a certified cooperative in New Zealand where the deer roam in wide-open spaces and feed on tall-grass pastures in a pristine environment.  Their 100% grass diet and stress-free lifestyle contribute to the tender texture that surprises many game meat fans. The flavor is milder than hunted venison, and the lean red meat offers rich nutrients along with great taste. Of course, no antibiotics or growth stimulants are ever used.

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Cooking Venison

Our professional chef clients love to serve D’Artagnan venison. But it doesn’t take a culinary genius to turn venison into a beautiful meal.  Have a look at our venison recipes for inspiration.

Think of venison as an all-season meat. Take it out to the grill in the summer and serve with a fresh salad or charred vegetables. Because it is so lean, it’s best to serve venison on the rare side.

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Come fall and winter, sear venison stove-top, and pair with seasonal root vegetables, chestnuts, or dried fruits. Roast a whole rack, swaddle venison loin in puff pastry for a classic Wellington, or slow-cook venison stew meat for a rich, savory meal.

In spring, venison is bold enough to take the strong flavor of ramps and yet works with tender asparagus and butter lettuce.

D’Artagnan recipe for Deer, Beer and Bacon Buns – a meaty hand pie.

You simply can’t go wrong with venison. Here are some reviews of D’Artagnan venison, posted by happy customers.

Our popular Venison Rib Chops are available in a pack of four and cook up fast for an easy meal.

Very flavorful. I pan seared them and served with a mushroom red wine reduction. This was my wife’s first experience with venison. We loved it. – Michael, from OR

Venison Rib Chops.jpgIf you like the rib chops, next time go for the whole Venison Rib Rack, which you can roast whole, then slice at the table for an impressive presentation. 

I have prepared these racks many times, as I used to chef aboard private yachts. Guests were always pleased, even those who didn’t care for game. I sear, then finish off in the oven, or grill over a wood fire.  Serve with a blackberry red wine sauce, chimichurri, or your favorite wild mushroom demi-glacé.  – Chef at Sea, from CA

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Ready to try venison? Explore our venison cuts at and find a way to add venison to your dinner plans.

If you are already enjoying our venison, add to the conversation on social media. Let us know what cut you enjoy most, and how you cook it.

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    Love it, never had domestic Venison, I’m sure it is outstanding!

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