Bored with Beef? Meet 3 Cuts to Shake Up Your Grill Routine

Just in time for grilling season, we are offering three new cuts of venison. What?! Venison on the grill? You bet. If you’re not grilling this lean red meat, you are definitely missing out. Our Cervena venison is perfect for the grill for several reasons (see below). So surprise everyone with something unexpected – and utterly delicious on the grill this summer.

Unlike the hunted venison that most people are familiar with, our venison is tender, fine-grained, and mild in flavor. That’s because the deer graze on pastures of nutritious grass in a stress-free environment in New Zealand.

We brought in these new cuts for chefs but saved a select amount for our home cooks and grill masters to enjoy. These 3 cuts are only available while supplies last.

Venison Porterhouse Chops

Like a meaty steak, only more lean and flavorful, these venison porterhouse chops will rock your grill.  Season simply and grill ’em fast.


Besides the incomparable flavor, a good reason to grill venison is the short amount of time it takes to cook, giving you more time to spend with friends and family (or mixing drinks).

Venison Double Cut Rib Chops

The double-cut chops are ideal for grilling because they are thick enough to take the heat and remain tender and rare in the center.


Just don’t get distracted and leave venison on the grill too long, or the fine texture will be compromised. We recommend keeping venison as rare as possible, and slicing against the grain when serving.

 Venison Butt Tender/Tenderloin Cap 

This tapered cut comes from the end of the tenderloin and offers perfect 5-ounce servings that cook up fast on the grill or in a pan. Try it cut into chunks for grilled kebabs.


Shop our limited venison cuts today. Learn more about this extraordinary venison and how it’s raised in New Zealand in our previous blog post.

Have you tried Cervena venison yet? Tell us which cuts you enjoy in the comments below.

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