3 Easy Recipes to Make with Ground Venison Right Now

Have you tried our ground venison yet? Ideal for primal and paleo diets, lean venison meat is a delicious and healthy alternative to other ground meats – and gives you something different for burger night. Here we offer two special burger recipes and an outstanding version of Swedish meatballs to get you started.

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Wild Grind: Grass-Fed Venison

As free-range as it gets without being wild, our venison comes from New Zealand ranches that practice sustainable methods and provide the deer with vast pastures in a pristine environment. With no added antibiotics or growth stimulants, this grass-fed venison is nothing like the hunted venison many have experienced.

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Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Venison Burgers

Our ground venison makes an extra tasty “Juicy Lucy,” or cheese-stuffed burger (with two types of cheese in this case). We’ve upped the ante a bit by adding our Berkshire hickory-smoked bacon to make it the ultimate bacon cheeseburger. 

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Venison Swedish Meatballs

We love upgrading old-school dishes, and just like in the 1960s these Swedish meatballs are great for entertaining or for family meals. Instead of using beef, our super-easy meatball recipe is made extra tasty with ground venison. 

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Venison Burgers with Pink Onions & Aged Cheddar

This simple venison burger recipe is topped with red onions braised in white wine for a sweet and delightfully pink condiment. Pair with aged cheddar cheese and arugula for a most delectable burger.

Explore all our cuts of grass-fed venison and enjoy this lean and clean meat.

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