A D’Artagnan Exclusive: The Super Quail

Here’s something unique for the game bird enthusiast: French Quail.

In many ways, this is a super quail. Larger (twice the size!) and tastier (twice the flavor!) than the average quail. All of this, and French too!

Many of our chef clients are serving French Quail to rave reviews. Some of these chefs shared their impressions of the quail.

“The quail has the best flavor of any I’ve tasted outside of France.”

Chef/Owner Cindy Wolf, Charleston in Baltimore, MD


“Beautiful and elegant, a perfect bird for cooking in restaurants and at home. The flavor is ideally balanced between wild flavor and subtle poultry…an instant favorite.”

Chef Scott Jones – Culinary Director of the Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Raising Quail in France

A cooperative of small farms in Southwest France raise our Coturnix breed quail. The birds are not given any hormones or antibiotics from birth and are fed minimally-processed, non-GMO cereal grain.

Humanely processed at 42 days, which is twice the industry average, the quail are air-chilled, dry-plucked by hand, and then waxed to remove all pin feathers, which leaves the skin silky smooth. Air-chilling contributes to more concentrated flavor and causes the skin to cook up nice and crispy.

Cooking Quail

Now it’s your turn to experience the tender texture and incredible flavor of our French quail. Quail is easy to cook, and quite versatile; whether baked, roasted, pan-seared, grilled or braised, it will take all types of seasoning and marinades well. Be careful – quail can dry out if overcooked. It’s best to cook them quickly and leave them medium rare.

Adapt this Frank Stitt recipe (seen above); use just two French Quail where four standard-sized quail are called for, and cook a bit longer. In true Southern fashion, the quail are roasted with cornbread stuffing, tart apple, and toasted pecans. Enjoy this dish year-round, using stone fruit in the summer, apple in the fall, or pear in winter.

“The French quails are the delicacy of small birds, fresh, juicy, light pink flesh meat, and tender.”

Chef Bertrand Chemel, 2941, Falls Church, VA

Let us know who you like the French Quail; after you try them, write a review on the product page at dartagnan.com. And share photos! You can also tell us about your cooking adventures on social media. Tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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