7 Stellar Thanksgiving Sides

It’s that time of year again, when you trot out the tried-and-true recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. Is there an adventurous part of you that wants to shake things up and try something new? It can be tricky at Thanksgiving, because someone is going to want Grandma’s stuffing or those familiar mushy Brussels sprouts.

Here are seven recipes so delicious that your guests won’t miss the green bean casserole.

1. Black Truffle Garlic Mashed Potatoes

They expect mashed potatoes. So make the creamiest mashed potatoes ever, with generous amounts of black truffle butter whipped into the mash. Garlic cloves slow-cooked in duck fat are added, which gives the dish depth without that garlic bite.  Shaved black truffles make a nice accent,  but are not required.

Did someone say truffles?

2. Squash Bisque with Smoked Duck

This autumnal soup is an aromatic mix of carrots, celery, butternut squash and sweet potato. Perfectly attuned to the season, and a simple way to start the feast. It’s tasty on its own, but when crowned with smoked duck breast and pumpkin seed oil, it’s totally sublime.

Silky squash soup with smoked duck breast.

3. Chestnut, Walnut & Fennel Sauté

Walnuts and chestnuts sometimes make an appearance in nut bowls before or after the meal. Why relegate them to the edges of the meal? Give them their due, and try this sauté accented with truffle butter. By the way, this is one of Ariane’s favorites at the Thanksgiving meal.

D'Artagnan Food products
Chestnuts and walnuts and fennel, oh, my!

4. Black Truffle Parker House Rolls

There will be bread. Unless this is a gluten-free Thanksgiving… in which case, skip to the next recipe. The rest us of bread lovers will linger here. The classic, golden, yeasty Parker House rolls are just that much more special with black truffle butter baked right into the dough. Try it and you’ll see.

There’s black truffle butter inside.

5. Baked Yams with Apple and Bacon

Yams often come to the table smothered in marshmallows. This grown-up yam recipe relies on bacon – and we all love bacon – for a smokey, hickory accent, and yes, a little maple syrup and sugar for those with a sweet tooth.

Just the right amount of sweet.

6. Cider-Braised Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Apple

 And speaking of bacon and apples … this is the way to enjoy Brussels sprouts: with
cider, tart apple, and smoky bacon. These seasonal flavors add depth to basic Brussels sprouts and make them holiday-worthy.
It’s all about the bacon.

7. Foie Gras Cream Puffs with Black Truffle

From the earthy to the ethereal. How many Thanksgiving meals will start with silky, truffle-studded foie gras?  Only the best ones. You can make these crispy choux puffs ahead of time, and serve as an appetizer while the turkey is resting.

Make a statement with foie gras cream puffs.

What are your favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving?  Do you stick to the same sides, or venture to try something new each year? Let us know in the comments, or on social media. You can tag @dartagnanfoods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’re always ready to talk food!

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