More Bacon to Love on National Bacon Lover’s Day

Brace yourself, bacon holidays are coming. Today is not International Bacon Day (that’s September 2), nor is it National Bacon Day (December 30).

Today, August 20th, is set aside as National Bacon Lover’s Day. So this day is for appreciating those who love bacon (and who among us does not?).

Letterpress print, Matt Butler on ScoutMob

Aside from the obvious methods of celebration – stockpiling bacon in slab and slice form and making every bacon recipe you can find – what else can be done to celebrate the love of bacon?

Certainly the day deserves a card, or some other commemorative. On Etsy you will find that the love of bacon is alive and well, and the creative folks there are making the message clear.

Bacon As Furniture

Sit on your bacon bench while meditating on the importance of bacon in our life. Or use it as a coffee table – to serve bacon. Available from Masters of Fate.

Bacon > Love

If your love for bacon is greater than … here’s a card from Mina Makes, Inc. to illustrate the point wordlessly. 

Put Bacon On It

Pierce and Belle offers this decal for your computer, or for any other prominent spot that you would want to declare your undying love.

Bacon Mug Shot

This mug by Designs by Linda Nee Too is pretty much what we had in mind for National Bacon Lover’s Day. Subtle.

Fill In the Bacon

This blank card by Valerie Boivin could carry any message inside, but the front eloquently communicates the point. The love of bacon is real.

If that doesn’t get the bacon juices running, this is not your holiday. Visit Foodimentary where obscure food holidays are listed, and find your jam (National Peanut Butter and Jam Day is April 2).

Featured image: Bacon and eggs art print by OlechkaDesign on Etsy.

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  1. Lydia Cooper says:

    Bacon is lifeeee! Love your blog.

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