Tomato Season Means One Thing …

Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Are there three words more evocative in the English language? These simple ingredients when piled together on bread with mayonnaise become the BLT, that classic and beloved sandwich.

Just in time for National Sandwich Month, our friends at Tom Colicchio’s ‘Wichcraft in NYC have announced their BLT is back!

IG Wichcraft BLT

Their double-decker sandwich features D’Artagnan applewood smoked bacon and beefsteak tomatoes, which means the BLT is only available during tomato season – right now! At ‘Wichcraft they call it BLT season.

IG Wichcraft BaconIf you can’t get to ‘Wichcraft, make a version of their BLT at home. Follow their lead and choose our applewood smoked bacon, and cook it as flat as you can (a griddle is helpful here). Check out this video with Tom Colicchio about the choice to use our bacon.

Take advantage of the bounty of tomato season, and find a ripe, juicy heirloom tomato. No mealy, unripe pink tomatoes for your BLT.

IG Wichcraft Tomato

Of course, the bread you choose for your BLT is also crucial. Not too crunchy, not too puffy or soft; the ideal is a white pullman loaf that is lightly toasted. Try toasting the bread in the rendered bacon fat left in your pan. Mmmm.

And then there is the mayonnaise. Make your own, if possible, or choose full-fat, real mayonnaise. The BLT deserves it, and so do you.

Photos: ‘Wichcraft

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  1. My friend sends me bread from Tartine Bakery in SF on occasion and that combined with homemade mayo and bacon and great tomatoes is about a perfect as a sandwich can be!

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      That is a special treat!

  2. m37bruce says:

    Preferably Duke’s Mayonnaise.

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      To each his own. Duke’s is a classic choice!

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