Serrano Ham May be Your New Best Friend in the Kitchen

Have you experienced the pleasures of Serrano ham? In Spain, this ham is a part of life, served in bars, restaurants and found in virtually every home. Now you can bring it into your everyday eating routine with our pack of sliced ham. Read on for more info about this culinary classic that’s so easy to love.

Dry-cured jamon is a Spanish culinary icon and a pleasure for the taste buds. Perhaps the most well-known of Spanish foods, Jamon Serrano, (literally mountain ham),  is dry-aged in the fresh mountain air of Spain for a minimum of 12 months, but often 15 months.

Most Serrano ham is made from Landrace breed pigs, or a mix of Duroc breed, Large White and Landrace. A simple age-old process is followed to transform the hind leg of a hog with nothing but salt and time. Only natural Mediterranean sea salt is used as a preservative in the making of these traditional hams. The signature flavor develops as the ham ages in very specific climate conditions.

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Jamon curing over 12 months.

Experience the Flavors of Spain at Home

Serrano ham is much like its well-loved cousins, Italian prosciutto and French Jambon de Bayonne. Because of certain aspects of the curing process, Serrano ham offers a more intense flavor than either and a firmer bite.

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Beautiful, thin slices of ham will melt in your mouth.

Now you can easily enjoy the famous Serrano ham with our convenient pre-sliced option, sold in 2lb pack.  You’ll find endless ways to enjoy this heavenly ham, from tapas, charcuterie boards, and cheese plates for cocktail snacks. Serrano ham is the secret to easy meals, especially in the summer when it’s too hot to cook. Wrap a slice around a chunk of melon, pear, or peach for a refreshing bite. Serrano ham will elevate a simple cheese and cracker course before dinner, or provide a quick protein-packed snack.

Uncork a refreshing white Spanish wine like Albariño and Verdejo, or a dry or sparkling rosé on a warm evening to enjoy with your ham. Serrano can also stand up to young, fruity red wines – nothing too heavy or tannic – and is often paired with fortified wines like sherry, Madeira, or manzanilla.

Shrimp with jambon appetizer

If you want to cook with Serrano, it’s wonderful when wrapped around meats, fish (try shrimp, scallops, cod) vegetables, and even fruits on the grill.

We have written about 7 ways to enjoy our Jambon de Bayonne, the French equivalent; anything you can do with that sliced ham, you can do with Serrano.

Ham in Tapas Spread

Are you a fan of Spanish ham? Tell us how you enjoy eating it in the comments!

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