6 Recipes for the Best Sunday Roast with the Family

The Sunday roast may be a British tradition, but it’s one we can all love. Like a mini holiday dinner, a Sunday meal gathers the family and can recharge you for the week ahead – and provide leftovers for lunch the next day.  Here, we offer six different recipes from a classic beef roast to a whole duck – each will give you a reason to set the table. 

1. Sunday Beef Striploin Roast with Yorkshire Puddings

Our whole grass-fed beef striploin makes a beautiful Sunday roast beef that serves eight – or fewer, with steaks to spare for another day! We use the reverse sear method to ensure a fork-tender roast that’s evenly medium-rare from edge to edge. Are you reverse searing? It’s a great – and easy – technique to master.  What it entails is roasting at low temperature first, then cranking the oven for a brief period at the end to create a crispy finish.  This protects your roast from being overcooked. Don’t waste those flavorful drippings! Whip up some classic Yorkshire puddings to serve alongside.

2. Garlic Roasted Porcelet Coppa

Are you looking for a smaller roast that serves two? Try our porcelet collar or ‘coppa’  a super-versatile and delicious cut from milk-fed piglets.  The petit roast is perfectly sized for 2 people, and any leftovers make amazing sandwiches. For this recipe, we slow-roasted it with a simple garlicky paste.

3. Black Truffle Roasted Chicken

It’s always a good time to roast chicken, and here’s a fancy twist on the simple recipe to make your next version special. This is a riff on Ariane’s favorite way to roast a turkey – with truffle butter under the skin! If you have a fresh black truffle, by all means, layer slices under the skin, and if not, simply use our black truffle butter to create an ultra-juicy bird that’s full of truffle flavor.

4. Maple-Dijon Pork Roast

Here’s another roast that’s great for a family meal of up to eight.  Our simple maple syrup and Dijon mustard glaze gives a sweet kick to our Berkshire pork rib roast. Using the reverse searing method is not only easy, it ensures juicy results.

5. Veal Roast with Pancetta & Mushrooms

For this easy roast, start with our milk-fed veal striploin and layer in the flavor with pancetta lardons, wild & organic mushrooms, and a silky pan sauce with truffle butter.  While we used a mix of wild and cultivated mushrooms, you can use the mushrooms at hand for this fabulous family meal that should serve six.

6. Easy Roast Whole Duck

Have you ever roasted a duck?  It’s fairly easy and makes a home-cooked dinner feel  like a restaurant experience. For this simple recipe, we used our exclusive Rohan duck, which has a great ducky flavor.  The slits in the skin allow duck fat to render out while roasting – be sure to use that for roasting vegetables or frying potatoes. You can add your own aromatics or spices to customize this recipe

What are your favorite meats for roasting?

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