Wild Boar is Easy to Love! Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy It

When was the last time you ate wild boar? This all-season meat is a great option for summer grilling and offers distinctive flavor: lean and pork-like, but a bit more intense, with a darker color and tighter grain. Not at all meek, robust boar can stand up to strong flavors. Read on for some easy ways to bring wild boar to the table.

Braise Wild Boar in the Slow Cooker

Try our wild boar shoulder, made tender in the slow cooker (hands-off cooking!), then shred it for sandwiches – like our slider recipe – tacos, nachos, or whatever you like.

We can’t get enough of these BBQ sliders. The rich sauce and a classic slaw play well with soft, sweet rolls such as Hawaiian bread or mini brioche in this wild boar sliders recipe. It’s a whole new level of comfort food.

Use your best homemade BBQ sauce or a quality storebought one.

Wild Boar Tacos, Anyone?

Set aside a portion of the cooked wild boar shoulder and shred for taco filling – before you pour the BBQ sauce on. Serve on fresh corn tortillas, with red and green cabbage, radishes, cilantro, salsa verde, cotija cheese, and chipotle crema. Pick the best tortillas with these useful tips from Bon Appétit.

It’s always Taco Tuesday to us.

Wild Boar on the Grill

Looking for something new to grill? A wild boar rib rack will fit the bill. Season simply, and give the rack just enough time on the grates – wild game meats can dry out if cooked too long! – then cut into chops for serving. Our wild boar chops recipe yields tender and flavorful results and is a great way to shake up your summer routine. Once you introduce wild boar, the backyard will never be the same.

Wild boar – far from the other white meat.

Putting the Boar in Charcuterie Board

Looking for effortless ways to enjoy wild boar? Try our wild boar charcuterie! Pair it with cheese, crackers, pâté, summer fruits, and melon arrayed on a cutting board or platter. No cooking, instant success!

Lonza is an Italian-style charcuterie traditionally made with pork loin and known as lomo in Spain. We had to put a spin on this recipe and make it with wild boar. Handcrafted and made with simple ingredients for exceptional quality and flavor, our lomo is dry-cured and ready-to-eat.

Wild Boar Lonza
Oh, lonza, how we love you.

Or bring wild boar saucisson sec to the party. With its meaty texture and delightful flavor, this dry-cured sausage is a must for any charcuterie platter and makes for a delicious snack on its own. Just slice and serve.

saucisson sec wild boar
Anything pork can do, wild boar can do better!

About Our Wild Boar

Wild boar meat comes from truly wild animals that are trapped – not hunted – in Texas. The animals forage and root, eating a natural diet of grass, roots, nuts, fruits, acorns, grains – and pretty much anything they can. Because of the growing numbers of wild boar in Texas, it is important to eat these feral hogs and curb the population.

Since we use large cages that do not harm the boar and process them in inspected facilities, we can offer this truly wild game meat under USDA law, which forbids hunted game to be sold. Our process is good for the environment and the local farmers because the boar are quite destructive to crops, trees, and other plant life.

Go hog wild! Shop our wild boar selections at dartagnan.com. Have you made wild boar? Tell us about your favorite ways to eat it.

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