Wild Boar is Easy to Love! Here are 5 Ways to Enjoy It

When was the last time you ate wild boar? This all-season meat is a great option for summer grilling and offers a distinctive flavor: lean and pork-like, but a bit more intense, with a darker color and tighter grain. Not at all meek, robust boar can stand up to strong flavors. Read on for some easy ways to bring wild boar to the table.

Two Easy Ways to Make Summer Parties Better with Wild Boar

Looking for an easy recipe for summer parties? Try our wild boar shoulder, made tender in the slow cooker (hands-off cooking!), then shred it for sandwiches, tacos, nachos, or whatever you like. Try it slathered with sauce and served with coleslaw and mac and cheese, or make the BBQ sliders in the recipe below. 

This Easy Wild Boar Recipe Will Rock Your Grill

Looking for something new to grill? This simple 6-ingredient recipe will bring your grill game to the next level this summer. Our wild boar chops are tender and full of flavor when quickly grilled and simply seasoned. They’re a great way to shake up your summer routine. Once you introduce wild boar, the backyard will…

A Sous Vide Recipe: Wild Boar Schweinebraten

Our friends at ChefSteps go hog wild with this recipe. They tapped game expert David Draper for some recipes using the Joule sous vide machine. This one – based on a German-style roast – is perfect for a winter’s eve. Start with our wild boar shoulder, already rolled and tied, and follow the easy steps. Wild…

Game Day Eats: Top 5 Mains for Super Sunday

Looking for game day menu ideas? A cold afternoon in February seems like the perfect time for warming, hearty dishes and you can score a touchdown with our game day recipes. Plus you can save 15% right now on both our Game Day and Charcuterie collections. Top 5 Main Dishes for Super Sunday 1. Cassoulet is…